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Top 5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting The Desired Number Of YouTube Views

YouTube is currently one of the biggest entertainment platforms. And it than entertainment, it also has provided career to many. There are many creators who have made a fortune through this platform.

But career on YouTube means your number of subscribers and views you are getting. But getting both of these is not an easy task. Here are a few reasons why you may not be getting the desired number of views on your videos –

  1. Content Isn’t Appealing

Your content is what decides how many views you will have and if you have no content, you should not expect views.

One of the biggest problems that are seen in the case of many YouTube channels is that they either do to provide the required content or have nothing to offer. You should know that your YouTube channel runs on a fuel known as content. And if you do not put fuel, you will see no movement on your channel. The most common cause is a lack of ideas. There are millions of content creators on YouTube. And the are many who have channels based on the same genre. This makes it difficult for everyone to offer something different. And when you have nothing unique to offer, the audience will not visit you thus showing a lack of views.

The best thing to do in this case is to do a lot of research regarding the topics and then finding something that others are missing. What else could be done will be told in the coming points

  1. Zero Promotion

This is one of the most common cases which results in a shortage of views on the videos on YouTube.

And this case is the case of no promotion. According to sources, only 40-55% of your audience on YouTube watches your videos when you upload one. And this is not enough to attract more views. And the trick, in this case, is the promotion of your videos. For you to get your desired number of YouTube views on your videos, you need more and more people to know about it. When people do not have an idea about your videos, how will they watch yours? So you need to promote your videos in every way possible. This includes your social media platforms and the collaborations about which I will talk in a separate point.

You need to have your accounts on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And you need to promote your videos for people to see them.

  1. Not Among The Best

When your video is not available for viewers to see, how do you think you will get the views?

Let me explain the case. When you have a topic on which you are making a video, there are thousands of others out there who will be making a video on the exact same topic. As a result, 98% out of 100% will have the same content. In this case, when viewers search for that particular topic they will see the best ones on the top or those which have the most views. And if your video has none of the above two cases, you will not sustain it. So you need to do something. And that something is SEO.

You need to use YouTube SEO on your videos which will optimize the search result of viewers and will place the video among the top ones and must watch ones. This happens regardless of your views. So people will watch you and increase your views.

  1. No Collaborations

In point number 2, I talked about the promotion of your videos so that people will watch your videos.

And while the most common places to promote your videos are social media accounts, there is another way in which you can promote yourself better. And that method is collaborations. Collaborations are the stuff where you work together with some other creator on YouTube to benefit both of you. So when you collaborate with some other creator, you will promote yourself to a whole new level of the audience. Both of you can choose something creative to do so that more people come to watch you. And once you do so, you can ask your fellow creator to give you a shout out and ask his part of the audience to watch your videos.

In this way, you can attract some viewership to your videos.

  1. No Viewers At All

Leave behind all the above points, when you have no viewers you should never expect to get some viewership on YouTube.

Okay, I will not demotivate you. But if you do not have many viewers, nothing will happen when if you promote yourself everywhere. In this case, you can buy some YouTube views and subscribers for yourself. There are a lot of websites that sell views and viewers within some amount of money. All you need to do is search for the correct website, then choose your preferred plan and then pay for it. And you are good to go!

These were a few reasons why you aren’t getting your desired number of views. Adios!

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