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Top 5 Things Contributing To The Growth Of Courier Services In The UK

If you are a consumer living in the UK, I am sure you would have experienced the following the last few months-

  • Getting food delivered to your house from restaurants and small takeaway
  • Ordering things from Online Ecommerce stores and receiving the same at your home.
  • Hiring individual services to transport small items between friends and relatives.

In all the above, you would have worked with a courier service offering last-mile delivery facilities. This just goes to show that there has been a considerable rise in courier services all over the world, including the UK.

In this article, we are going to discuss five things, which are contributing to the growth of courier services in the UK. We are also going to discuss the good things about this, as well as raise attention to some bad issues.

List of 5 Things Contributing to the Growth of Courier Services in the UK

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The single biggest reason that has contributed to the rise of courier services in the UK and elsewhere in the world has been the pandemic. With social distancing and avoiding public place being regulations put in place by governments, individuals and families are increasingly dependent on eCommerce platforms and courier services for their daily needs and requirements.

Increasing Use of Digital Technologies

Whether it is social media, eCommerce platforms, or even the use of smartphones, the last few years have seen increased demand and usage of the same. Directly or indirectly, this has ended up contributed to changing consumer behavior and buying experiences. This has led to our using courier services and last-mile delivery options.

Rising Levels of Unemployment

The pandemic has made millions of people all over the world lose their jobs. This has made many of these out-of-job individuals opt for being delivery agents. This has not only led to the generation of employment opportunities but has also allowed for eCommerce companies to improve their service and distribution networks.

The sheer number of Delivery Services on Offer

We are not only talking about the cargo of the likes of FedEx or UPS. We are talking about asking a courier delivery agent to come to pick up some food or papers from our house and get it delivered to a friend’s place. Whatever the nature of your requirement, there is a courier service of delivery personnel in place to handle the same.

Better Technologies and User Convenience

From the time you order a meal, you exactly know how long it is going to take, who the delivery executive is and how he is reaching your location. You can call with instructions, guide him or her on your specific requirements, and enjoy the convenience of getting it in the comfort of your home. User experiences have been elevated through the use of technology in courier services.

Is it all good for the Courier Service Personnel or Delivery Agents?

To be honest, it is not. Many of these professionals risk their lives and put them in harm’s way of ensuring that they maintain strict timelines. If they fail, the money is deducted from their own accounts to compensate for the loss of time being suffered by a customer.

This is why it is important for courier companies and delivery personnel to opt for specialized insurance services from This allows them to compare the prices of insurance and choose the one that delivers the maximum pay-outs.

The higher risk in the industry of courier service makes for slightly more expensive premiums. However, if you are choosing the above-mentioned site, you can ensure that you are effectively comparing the same and making your final selection.

The Final Word

While there is a lot that is going well in terms of the courier industry, some things need to be taken care of. If you are a courier service professional or know someone who is, you should definitely encourage them to opt for specialized insurance policies that are targeted at higher risk individuals and jobs.