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Top 7 Insightly Alternatives The Leading CRM Software for Your Small Business

The excitement and the challenges of being a small business owner pretty much go hand in hand. While on one hand, there are a number of opportunities that can be explored, especially given today’s climate of hectic social media and digital trending habits of buyers; there is also a downside. The resources available to most small business owners makes it difficult to actually go after each of those opportunities manually. Before we look at information and tasks in terms of CRM system and the Insightly alternatives that can help you in this context, let us understand why your business needs to consider such an option in the first place.

  • Better Conversion Rate: When you run a business, your whole and soul purpose is to generate higher revenue and higher profits. This means that you need a better conversion rate which is the rate at which your prospects turn into your customers. When you are looking to convert your customers and keep them as your loyal customer base, you would have to turn information into relevant matter that can be connected with the right functions. This calls for the use of CRM system like Insightly or alternatives to Insightly.
  • More Productivity: When you are looking to expand your business and grow, productivity is the keyword that can keep you going with an upward swing. With Insightly alternatives, you can actually bring in a framework that can automate the functions in tandem with the information that one requires for the fulfillment of each function. This would ensure that you do not have to hunt for or sift through piles of information. You can increase your productivity and reach even more people in the same time frame so that your rate of conversions also increases.
  • Team Play: Win you have a small business, you would know that having a small team also means getting more done by less number of people. You can have better team collaboration with a good alternative to Insightly. All the functions and tasks with the relevant information are put into the framework so that each team member knows exactly what has to be done and after which task. The automated prompts also make it easier to follow up and follow through the entire sales pipeline with ease. The Insightly alternative that you choose would help you keep in touch with team members who would also be spread out in various locations.

With benefits like these, you can easily choose Insightly alternatives so that you can grow your business within your scarce resources. This makes a CRM system a must have for a small business. So let us have a look at the seven top alternatives to Insightly to find out how you can have a more fully loaded and affordable system at your fingertips:

  1. EngageBay: This is one the best Insightly alternatives because it comes with a complete suite of features that can help you with your CRM and marketing automation needs as well. This affordable platform is a good Insightly alternative that can help you organize and store your information so that all the tasks in the sales pipeline can be easily done with the help of better team collaboration. Various features on EngageBay can help you organize and work better towards a higher rate of conversion.
  2. Nutshell CRM: Nutshell CRM is one of the upcoming alternatives to Insightly. This platform offers plenty of features that can help you integrate with a number of other platforms so that you can bring all your tasks and functions on to a single platform. The Insightly alternative here would help your team make better and faster conversions. Yet, it may not be the most affordable platform that you can turn to, especially since it does not have a full suite of features like other platforms including EngageBay.
  3. FreshSales: Fresh Sales is a well known CRM system that lets you organize your email marketing needs with all the information you have amassed over time. This information comes handy for your team so that conversions can happen seamlessly. Yet, as an alternative to Insightly, you would need to consider the cost especially if you are running a small business on a small budget.
  4. Base CRM: Base CRM is a well known CRM platform that helps in creating a few integrations that can power your sales pipeline. Yet, as an alternative to Insightly, it does not have all the features that you would ideally find on other platforms like EngageBay. Also, it does not offer too many third party integrations on its platform. You can turn to Base CRM for your email and analytics needs.
  5. PipeDrive: Insightly alternatives come in all shapes and sizes, and Pipe Drive is one of the platforms that is quite popular. With Pipe Drive, you would get a worthy Insightly alternative to help you organize your information with the help of features to power your sales and marketing pipeline. This can help you get ahead of the curve and make a higher number of conversions than most other platforms. Yet, it is not entirely affordable, when compared to other platforms like EngageBay, when it comes to small businesses.
  6. Nimble: This is another popular Insightly alternative that could solve your CRM problems, yet it comes with some limited features and can be quite expensive on the pocket since you would have to turn to other platforms for several other features and other marketing automation needs.
  7. BPM Online CRM: This CRM platform offers you a number of features that can help you maintain all your databases towards more efficient and seamless email marketing. You can easily integrate your data with the various functions that you build into the framework of this system.

The above research shows us that EngageBay would be the best alternative to Insightly in terms of support, features and affordability. It would be a great investment for a small business in 2020!