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Top 8 dominating .Net development trends

In order to keep up with modern IT trends, it is enough to learn about one relevant framework today. Many developers use it to complete business projects according to all the technical specifications of the customer and make sure that the customer is satisfied with the result.

It’s about .NET. This word among IT professionals has gained immense popularity. Now it is fashionable to say. But it’s even better when programmers know how to correctly apply the framework in practice.

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How exactly is .NET different?

The framework has established itself as a worthy competitor to others similar in structure. But at the same time, it simply holds a position in the modern market. And this trend can be seen if you diversify .NET services that relate to development:

  • Mobile applications;
  • Websites;
  • Web applications;
  • Other online resources.

The platform is practical because it can be used to develop a wide variety of software from scratch or turnkey. And in general, it is unrealistic to call this technology a classic framework, because it opens up prospects for any type of entrepreneurial activity.

But, about everything in order.

Why should you use .NET?

Among the main development trends, the following should be highlighted:

.NET 5. Since the platform has a huge community, it’s impossible not to say how much everyone likes it. Naturally, this version includes features that transform ordinary software into cool web applications that most customers really like.

Multifunctionality, a cool interface for users, and the use of many tools make the platform not just popular, but top.

Provides a range of services. Of course, it’s not easy for programmers to choose a framework, but really thanks to it you can use the core entity framework, a hybrid of ASP.NET MVC and web API, libraries with documentation (for example, JSON), new packaging tools.

Open-source. It is known that all frameworks in which this type of code is embedded are gaining popularity very quickly.

This technology is no exception. And here we are talking not only about the fact that ordinary students can learn how to use the structure and write coding, but also experienced programmers can create very cool web products, which then become in demand in the market.

Machine learning. Such an element, of course, is present.

But this is only for the best because the automated model has a connected deep neural network. It is with the help of such a network that it is possible to create cool interfaces, prescribe command lines, and build models from scratch.

Naturally, these actions also involve reaching a new level – the use of C # and F # languages.

Azure Kubernetes Service. When an IT specialist has the task of creating a containerized application from scratch, then in this case there are two ways out of the situation – this is to use additional tools that include managed and highly available services.

That is, the developer can get continuity of delivery, additional enhanced security, and take advantage of deployments, testing options, and features that make the developed web product more intuitive and productive.

Interesting additions:

Blazor Framework in C#. If a programmer is tasked with doing .NET web development, but only injecting a server-side script, then he has no choice but to apply this language as well.

And here the DOM approach comes to the rescue, which in all respects is considered incremental because it was taken from another similar framework.

True, this language has enough advantages – free use, the same code as .NET, as well as libraries, plugins, and settings.

.NET Core. This software belongs to the environments that simplify the creation of applications. In fact, the technology is needed when it is necessary to implement the created web product in the cloud and install it there.

Improved security. All programmers need to take care of this direction. The main aspect is that often specialists for some personal (often) reasons ignore adding this tool and working on it.

Indeed, making a web application mega secure is another task – you need to “sweat” and sit on a business project. But .NET encryption is improved, so you don’t need to worry – you just need to implement the latest updated version of .NET into your web product.

Availability of a cloud service. Truly, the revolution in the modern market is the aspect of the introduction of cloud services in web development. Why not?

This solution opens up the possibility of gaining access to documentation, and tools and expanding the corporate landscape in ways that have never been used before.

Most world-famous companies have offered the best cloud storage services, and they have successfully “entered” the market.

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