Top Adaptive Skiing Destinations in the U.S.

In many places throughout the U.S., snow is already piling up, and the temperatures rarely reach above freezing.  Winter is here, and that means months of snow and colder temperatures. And for adventure seekers, that also means skiing.

There is a growing number of people in the U.S. who enjoy winter sports activities – namely skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. For those with disabilities, there are many adaptive skiing destinations. We want to share those destinations, so everyone can slip on the goggles, snap on the skis, and head downhill for the thrill of the sport.

Skiing for All Abilities

Whether you’re looking to compete in the Paralympics, or you want to enjoy recreational skiing or snowboarding, cross country skiing or other snow sports, there are many inclusive programs for people of all abilities.  Most locations have adaptive equipment and adaptive instructors who are specially trained to help disabled skiers develop their skills. Disabilities can include cognitive, disability of legs, blind or low vision, and many others.

Most resorts and skiing facilities that offer skiing or snowboarding have an adaptive program, and each state has several that have adaptive programs. Also, if you are not arriving in your mobility van, check with each resort for wheelchair accessible transportation options. Here are a few of the top destinations for adaptive skiing.

Winter Park, CO – is the oldest and largest disabled ski program with over 30 years of experience. They offer a sizeable disabled parking lot for wheelchair accessible vans, along with individual and group lessons. Their sports center is equipped to handle a wide range of disabilities and is located 67 miles west of Denver.

Alpine Meadows – located in Lake Tahoe, California, Alpine Meadows features PSIA certified instructors and trained volunteers who offer lessons and equipment for disabled skiers using both bi-ski and mono-ski.

Stowe Mountain Resort – This Vermont ski resort is a favorite among skiers of all ages and abilities with lessons and equipment available to meet their specific needs. Lessons are available for two, three, and four-track skiers and snowboarders.

Snowshoe Mountain – West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain has special programs along with adaptive ski equipment and instructors who can provide lessons for almost every disability.

Jackson Hole Adaptive Ski Program – This program features certified adaptive ski instructors who teach individuals with all types of disabilities. They also have specialized adaptive equipment to meet the skier’s personal needs.

King Pine Ski Resort – King Pine, in New Hampshire, provides skiing access for disabled skiers ages three and up. All skiers are screened by a physical therapist to determine appropriate equipment and instructional requirements.

Additional Programs

Many other states, like New Mexico, New York, and Maine, for example, have adaptive ski and accessible skiing programs for first-time skiers.

In conclusion, I think you’ll get necessary information about Top Adaptive Skiing Destinations in the U.S. You can enjoy very beautiful moment with great adventure by skiing these places. Have a good skiing and good time.