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Top Automotive Accessories to Have in Your Car

Car enthusiasts know that if you want to be noticed on the road, you need to have a certain flair to separate your car from the rest of the pack.

So while you can change the paint job on your vehicle to stand out, you can also install various accessories that can make you are driving a little better, safer, and more comfortable than before.

However, a note to the wise – there’s such a thing as too many accessories on your vehicle. It can prove detrimental to your safety and drag the vehicle’s performance down.

So, it would be prudent to choose to install only the ones you think would increase the overall efficiency of your car.

While you can install most of the accessories we have listed, you can always bring your car to a reputable shop if you want expert assistance. You can do a quick local search for RAC Approved garages near me on your browser to locate the best shops to help you immediately.

Here are some of the best accessories you should consider installing or buying for your vehicle.

Dashcam: If you’re only given one chance to install an accessory for your vehicle, let it be a dashcam. It will record everything while you drive, but it can also provide valuable video evidence should anything wrong happen during your rides.

Choose a model that has a camera trained in front and at the back for better coverage. Consider the memory storage, too. If you cannot wire it correctly, bring it to your trusted shop so they can help you out.

Battery-powered tyre pump: It will be a huge hassle if you lose tyre pressure while driving and are far from a gas station.

Traditional foot pumps would entail manually pumping air onto your tyre, and it’s not a good sight. Models that connect to the 12v socket on your dash may also provide comfort, but they can be wieldy.

However, a lithium-battery-powered pump would help you inflate your flat tyre quickly.

Mobile phone holder: With mobile phones also doubling as GPS, you need to place them on your dash so you wouldn’t get lost or meet an untimely accident because you’re fiddling with your gadget.

Choose a mobile phone holder that mounts on the vents or on the dash to give you ample viewing space without it being much of a distraction.

Car hooks: You can turn the headrest into a functional piece by attaching car hooks. Then, your jackets and coats or any other item wouldn’t have to lay on the floor or the seat gathering dust and grime.

Boot organizer: You don’t want your stuff rattling around the boot, so it would be great if you could buy a boot organizer to help you put your things in order. It will tidy up the space and help protect your items from getting lost in the shuffle.

Takeaway: There are several accessories you can choose from to customize your car. You must choose them correctly so as not to detract you from driving safely.