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Top Coffin Nails Looks to Wear

Your nails are an integral part of your outfit. They are just like shoes, jewelry, hairstyles, etc. As such, it makes a lot of sense to spend time in your beauty parlor or at your dressing cabin working on them.

Remember that must look stunning and complement the rest of your outfit. To look beautiful this season, coffin nails are here to help you accomplish that. Whether you want a design for your homecoming or wedding celebrations, you are sure to get one that suits you here.

Incorporating tapered tips with a shape of a square, coffin designs are fierce and stylish. Besides, these designs of nails have become quite popular across the world, usually sported by red carpet regulars such as Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

However, opting to rock coffin designs is just the start of your long journey. Once you have chosen the design, the next thing would be to choose the design that suits it.

To help you make the right decisions and achieve the look you want, NailDesignsJournal collected some of the best coffin nails designs that are also on-trend this year. Take a look and be inspired by our hottest selection.

3D Coffin Nails: Creating with 3D allows you to navigate your imagination and come up with any design you want for your coffin nails. 3D adds sharp dimensions to these nails, which makes people’s eyes pop out, trying to steal a glance at them.

Nude Coffin Design: If you want to rock with your coffin nails on all occasions, going nude will get you covered. They are sophisticated yet fun to wear and cannot limit you on your dress code color choices.

This option is acceptable in official set-ups serving you in both your official and social calls.

Short Coffin Design: Short coffin nails extend slightly past your fingertips. They make you look as if you are not wearing any extension, but their shape is what gives life to them.

These nails are ideal for ladies with schedules that require active use of hands and those who work in strict office environments.

Matte Coffin Design: Planning to look trendy on your coffin nails? Be sure to rock with them in a matte color that matches your preference.  The most trending colors are white, nude, and pink. A red matte will also do if you are attending evening occasions.

French Tip Coffin Design: They are classic and give you a feminine look. French tip coffin design requires precision while painting the tip. A balance is needed to make them look evenly polished and bring out that feminine spark in you.

Coffin Shaped Accent Design: If adding some fun to your nails is your thing, then you should go for these. They involve using one color in one nail that is different from other nails in each hand. This contrasting color gives a fun break from color monotony.

If you like something more aggressive, you can use 3D, stripes, or a lace contrast.

Clear Coffin Nail Designs: If you are really into nail trends, this design should be on your to-do bucket list.

Heck, these nails are a real definition of design.

They contain some transparent stripes that you can pair using 3D designs or a rocking color.

Cute Coffin Design: If you like designing with your nails, you should go for this option. Cute coffin nails allow you to make all the cute designs you want using different colors.

You can create with glitter accents, negative space, or striping tape.

White Tip Coffin Design: It is a faded look that is normally traded with French style and uses an ombre design instead. The white tip coffin design is branded as baby boomer nails as they are a creation of the time.

They are ideal for wearing on most occasions.

White Coffin Design: White coffin nails can express luxury or composure. To acquire an indulgence and classic appearance, paint your coffins with a shiny white finish.

If you want to look composed and trendy, going for a matte white finish will help you achieve this look.