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Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Making A Personal Injury Claim

Not all personal injury claims are successful. According to experts, a good number of cases are thrown away from court, leaving victims languishing in pain and bitterness. Cases are thrown out of court because of simple mistakes.

For instance, mistakes during evidence collection can greatly injure your case. That’s why you should be careful. In particular, consider avoiding making the following mistakes when handling your personal injury claim.

Not Going to Hospital. Don’t refuse to get medical treatment. That can be a very costly mistake. After an accident, your body will release excess adrenaline, which could mask pain, as well as, other symptoms. If you fail to get urgent medical attention, the defendant’s insurer might use this against you when you later decide to file a claim.

Not Sticking to Doctor’s Instructions. Don’t overlook your doctor’s instructions. If you don’t observe these guidelines, the at-fault party might claim that your injuries were caused by something else and not their negligence.

Misrepresenting The Injuries. Be honest with your doctor. Don’t try to downplay your injuries. But at the same time, don’t exaggerate your damages. Simply stay truthful and stand a better chance of winning the case.

Not Calling the Police. Even if the accident was minor, serious injuries might occur. Don’t allow others to convince you not to contact the police. Having a police report can help you file a successful personal injury claim. Of course, you will be under a lot of pressure. However, don’t let this pressure make you skip this important step.

Not Documenting the Accident. Documentation is an important process when it comes to litigating a personal injury case. You should gather all pieces of evidence. This includes documenting the names, addresses, etc. of the witnesses. Also, taking photographs will strengthen your case. Still more, you need clear documentation of your medical treatment.

Issuing Recorded Statements. Don’t give recorded statements. Of course, your insurance company will attempt to get information from you. However, giving out a recorded statement can work against you in a court of law. The insurance company may use these statements to weaken your case and give you a raw deal.

Being Too Eager to Accept Any Offer. Your insurance company will attempt to push you into accepting an early settlement. According to experts, insurance companies are aware of your pain, desperation, and financial troubles. They are most likely to take advantage of your situation. They will attempt to give you any deal.

However, never accept any deal. In fact, let your lawyer handle your negotiations. Make them aware of the seriousness of your injuries. Explain how these injuries will affect your life. Bring in a medical expert to help you.

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Not all claims in court are successful. Your case can be defeated. Mistakes can have your case thrown out of court. Thus, avoid making the above mistakes if you want to win your personal injury case.