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Top-Rated Bike Stunt Games For Android

The stunt is an important component in bike games. It deals with stealth, Platform, Adventure, sports, and other categories as well. The racer controls his character, uses the environment to perform various bike stunts according to the game.

In motorcycle racing games, the player can do bike stunts such as high-jump, wheeling, front jumping, and more. In a few motorcycle games, the player can perform Ollie, grabs, slides, kickflip, grinds, and more.

In bike stunt games, the player can examine the environment from either a first-person viewpoint or a third-person perspective while performing various types of stunts like jumps, backflip, and more.

These best incredible bike games reward the player with points for every stunt and can use it to unclose more to experience. During the gameplay, if the trick goes wrong, the player will fall down and need to restart the game from the starting point.

Motorcycle Games for Android – Stunt games

  • The Journey: Surf Game
  • BCM Surfing Game
  • Deserter Simulator
  • Bike Mayhem Free
  • Jungle Motocross Extreme Racing
  • Stickman Trials
  • Bike Race Free
  • Bike Racing 3D
  • Bike Race: Speed Racer of Night City
  • Backflip Madness
  • BMX Trial Mania
  • Happy Win Bro the Wheels Mode
  • Epic Skater
  • Riptide GP
  • Trial Xtreme 4
  • Moto Race: Motor Rider
  • Crazy Wheels
  • Biker Girl Hill Climb Cycling
  • Highway Rider
  • Happy Heli Wheels
  • Turbo Dismount
  • ZombieWood
  • Ancient Surfer
  • Motorcycle Racer: Bike Games

In this article, we will explain a few of the above-mentioned bike stunt games.

The Journey: Surf Game

The Journey: Surf Game is a single-player video game and best bike racing games that put the player in the real surf experience where he can do different stunts to get extra points. In this game, the player has a chance to manipulate more than 300 real waves all over the world.

The player can choose his avatar from available, and also select the best gear with an option to customize his style with different combinations.

The player can pull off real actions when going big to make additional points. It offers incredible graphics and touch-screen controls while presenting the easy play, but hard-to-master gameplay.

In this racing game, players can travel all over the world, performs stunts, and can climb the ladder of success to become masters. This game includes core features like customizations, inviting friends, Real-life Physics, World Tour Events, Detailed Tutorials, and more.

BCM Surfing Game – Bike racing games 2022

BCM Surfing Game is a single-player sports video game for Android and iOS users. The game takes the player in the most realistic and world’s best surfing competition where the player has a chance to show off his stunt bike and abilities.

This one of the amazing free motorcycle games brings thrilling gameplay for real surfers, who love surfing. There are different playback characters and the game allows the player to choose his avatar and jump into the world to compete against other characters.

There are three various modes such as Score Attack Mode, World Tour mode, and Free Surf Mode. In World Tour Mode the player participates in surfing competitions with the goal to become the master.

The gamer requires to compete against his friends for the highest points. This is one of the best free motorcycle games. The racing game allows the player to enjoy free riding without any conditions.

This bike game includes main features like three various modes, Four characteristic surfers, easy handling, and more.

Deserter Simulator – Racing games free

Deserter Simulator is a 3D Motorcycle simulator game. The game supports a single-player mode and also the player takes the role of the rider, who must drive his bike to complete his aims.

The ultimate task of the player is to examine the environment from a third-person viewpoint and work to run from the battleground to save his life. The game deals with soldiers who effort to run from the battleground on motorcycles and reach a peaceful place.

The world is full of challenges, foes, and obstacles. The player must ride his motorbike, avoid obstacles, perform dangerous stunts, and discover a way to the peaceful land.

During the gameplay, the player acquires power-ups that he can use to increase his speed and motorbike performance. He must effort to score the points reached to other players, and level up his character.

The player can use his gained points to buy a new motorbike or driver to boost the power.

Bike Mayhem Free – 3D bike games

Bike Mayhem Free is one of the best Mountain Motorcycle racing games for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The game offers a 3D world where its setting takes place and introduced many bikes with various statistics. It offers specific gameplay that you have experienced before.

The game allows you to race down from gorgeous trails, smashing gears for motorbikes.

There are various levels and you have to get to the end of every level before time runs out. Avoid any obstacles to stop death and perform stunts to get more points. This game included core features like Epic Bike Crashes, Online Leaderboard, Rag-doll Physics, Wheel Upgrades, and more.

Jungle Motocross Extreme Racing

Jungle Motocross Extreme Racing game is an action-adventure and bike stunt game for Android users only. The game takes place in the jungle-themed world and suggests four thrilling motorbikes such as Rush Motorcycle, Green Devil, Chili Devil, and Hawk Motorbike.

The player must have to unleash his driving abilities, choose his favorite, and jump into the scary world. During the drive, the player performs different stunts such as wheelies, backflips, and more.

The main aim of the player is to reach the finishing point of the level while collecting stars.  As the game advances, it becomes desperate to play and open further levels to play. Using instinctive controls, the gamer can drive the back and perform various stunts to get extra points.

After collecting sufficient points, the player can open his dream motorbike to cover the distance faster within time limits. This game has prominent features such as Four Motorcycles, Jungle Mud Tracks, 12 Extreme Bikes, and more.