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Top Reasons to consider Triple Glazed Windows for Your Home

Triple Glazed Windows either are made up of three distinct layers of glass, or they come with a couple of layers, each having a “Low-Emissivity” (Low-E) film suspended between the two of them. These types of windows deliver a high insulation performance, especially during the colder months of the year. They saw their introduction several years ago, in Sweden.

It can be the ideal option to retrofit older homes, especially in the relatively colder climates of countries like New Zealand, Canada, etc. Owing to their higher utility and higher cost of manufacture, they command a higher price than other windows available in the market. They are also used in the manufacture of “Hurricane-Resistant” windows.

So let’s take a gander at the different advantages that you can enjoy with Triple Glazed Windows –

  • Home Security– Apart from keeping the outside noise and natural factors like rain, snow, etc. away, windows are also responsible for the security of your home. Triple Glazed Windows ensure that your windows can never be the weak point(s) in your home security and helps protect you, your family, and your valuables. The Triple Glazing is instrumental in giving these windows their strength, which is much higher than any ordinary pane of glass. This increases their resistance capabilities, and their thicker surface areas allow them to resist a very high degree of applied force. Keeping security in mind, they are outfitted with high-grade hardware and fittings to add to the security benefit.
  • Savings with Time – These windows go above and beyond all of their energy, value, and security benefits. They have a very stylish and modern look, and so they also become a few aesthetically pleasing installations in your home. As a result, they also add to your property’s resale value and make a living in your own home just a little bit more enjoyable. They enjoy a superb curb appeal among prospective home buyers, and the fact that they are extremely energy efficient only adds to that. They considerably increase the Beauty, Security, Efficiency, and Comfort levels of your home while allowing you to save up on the cost of having to replace your windows(when they get damaged) often.
  • Energy Efficiency – These windows add to the thermal properties of a house. They allow you to retain the maximum amount of heat and warmth, possible within your home. You get to make the maximum use of available sunlight, as they capture its warmth and draw it into your home. Moreover, the extra cavity at their center optimizes the Thermal Insulation Properties. As a result, your home feels cozy (even in cold weather) while visibly reducing heating costs.
  • Comfort – Another advantage they provide is that they cut down on Condensation. Since they vastly boost the Insulation Value of your windows, Condensation declines sharply, and Cold Spots are eliminated. The three glass panes and two cavities ensure that almost no heat is lost from the room and effectively reflects the temperature inside your room.
  • Increase in Home Value – Triple Glazed Windows also allow you to actually increase the value of your house without you having to spend on a big-budget renovation. They let you save considerably on your energy bills(around 25%), thus boosting your Energy Rating and increasing your home value by about 10%. A boosted Energy Rating leads to a potentially higher Sales Price.

All in all, Triple Glazed Windows are arguably the best choice when it comes to installing windows in your home. Even though they may cost more than several other options, they definitely let you save up on energy and maintenance costs.

So pick a reputed company such as and add to the beauty of your home while also beefing up your security.


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