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Top Reasons You Need to Create a Shopping List

Creating a shopping list of things you need, with a budget for each item, will focus you on buying the essentials and help avoid wasting money. Here are some tips to help you make your money go further when you shop:

In the Shop

Resist impulsive shopping! Stop and ask yourself:

  • Is it essential?
  • Do I need to buy it today?
  • What will happen if I don’t buy it today?
  • Can I get it elsewhere cheaper?

Also, try to develop better shopping habits:

  • Don’t carry a lot of cash with you.
  • When you buy, think about your budget.
  • Be on the lookout for sales.
  • Wait until the price is right.
  • Use coupons, discounts, and other promos.
  • When you buy, look to get great value for your money!

Food Purchases

Try doing some or all of the following:

  • Eat at home more – learn to cook!
  • Write a grocery shopping list.
  • Pay attention to sales with discounts and coupons.
  • Buy larger sizes or quantities of the products you use frequently.

Tips Regarding Credit Cards

  • Get a card with a low annual fee and low interest rate.
  • If the price is not within your reach, do not pay by credit card.
  • Always pay monthly credit card bills on time, in full, if you can!
  • Don’t use cash advances.

Track Your Spending

  • Always keep receipts.
  • Compare receipts with account statements.
  • Compare account statements with your budget.

Tips on Using Cell Phones

  • Compare offers to get a good bundle of services.
  • Understand the contract before you sign.
  • You must be clear about the features and the charges.
  • Track your weekly/monthly usage.
  • Pay the bill in full – and on time.

Making Big Purchases

  • Think about your needs.
  • Fix a budget.
  • Do your research before buying.
  • Compare offers.
  • Research what is said about the products.
  • Test before buying.
  • Ask your friends or family for recommendations.
  • Check the total price
  • Pay attention to sales, coupon promos, and any cashback offers.
  • Try to negotiate the price.
  • Find the maximum global value: quality, service, and price.
  • Thoroughly check out the products before buying them.
  • Fully understand the guarantee.
  • Be aware of the policy on returns.
  • Save the receipt.

Discounts for Members Or Loyalty Programs

Some supermarkets and stores offer savings cards or loyalty cards for their customers. Find out how you can benefit. If you regularly shop at the same place, make the most of it by using their discount card.

Compare Offers Online

If you do research online before buying, you can save time, and gas money.

Spend on What Is Really Worth It

Consider not buying a few cheap things you can manage without, and save instead for something you truly value. So instead of making your next purchase of a T-shirt and jeans, save the cash to buy yourself a good quality suit, or ditch the fast-food restaurants for a while so that you can go out for a nice meal in a good restaurant.

Let go of the little luxuries, like exotic cafes, for a few months and save your money to pay for a trip that will be a great experience you’ll always remember!

Be Creative 

Think of possible ways to get something you want but cheaper, or better yet, free.  Get creative! Could you see a concert or play for free if you volunteered to be an usher? Maybe you could get together with some friends to take advantage of group discounts or purchase items in bulk. If you must subscribe to your favorite magazine, why not share the cost, and the magazine, with a friend?

Make your shopping list today! And try using some of the tips listed here and you’ll soon see the difference in how much disposable income you have each month.


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