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Top Screen Screenwriting Competitions You Should Consider

Do you have an idea for a movie in your head that you want to put down on paper? Screenwriting is the art you should consider. In layman’s terms, screenwriting is simply writing for the screen.

Screenwriters are responsible for the creative outcome and the emotional set up of a screenplay or a film. In addition to creativity, there are several factors to consider if you want to succeed in a screenwriting career.

First, you need to understand the process of writing a screenplay. Also, entering a screenwriter contest can be very handy for both new and experienced writers to pursue more recognition and exposure.

With so many contests out there, it may be a daunting task to distinguish the best and save money as well. Choosing the best competition to kick start your career is, however, crucial. I have gathered some of the best competitions and Film/TV that are worth applying to.

Best Screen Writing Contests

  1. Nicholl Fellowship

The Academy Nicholl fellowship ensures the most prestigious award every amateur writer can obtain. It has been recognized as one of the leading screenwriting contests that award up to $35000 every year.

Scripts that make a win in this competition have strong messages and storylines. There are additional contest prizes for the winners who manage to complete original screenplay in this highly competitive contest.

  1. Austin

If you are looking for the best place to exercise your creative side of storytelling, the Austin screen screenplay contest is the perfect environment. It is one of the most prestigious and supportive contests for upcoming writers.

Austin offers various competitions broken down into different categories, Drama being the most competitive. AFF includes competitions for scripts, fictional podcasts as well as digital series scripts.

The most encouraging thing about the Austin film festival is that they get to go through every script entered in their screenplay competition at no additional cost.  At the end of the day, you will still return with something even if your screenplay doesn’t advance to the next level.

  1. Bluecat Screenplay Competition

Your screenplay could land on several successive projects if it falls on the right hands. Bluecat provides feedback within two months of entry and allows writers to present revised versions of their scrips for reconsideration.

Bluecat offers over $10,000 cash prizes to writers, and International writers are eligible to apply as well.

  1. The PAGE Screenwriting Awards

The Page Screenwriting contest offers its’ writers Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes in different categories. This ensures that all the participants’ scripts receive a fair round of recognition.

PAGE ensures comprehensive feedback written by the competition judges in every entry-level. Even if you may not receive a price at the end of the competition, PAGE finalists and semi-finalists have a high chance of securing paid assignments in the future.

There are so many screenwriting contests to choose from. These are just some of the most common in the market. Do proper research before you consider entering any of them. It is important to know what you agree to by entering a screenwriting competition.