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Top Tips on How Often to Use Diapers

You’re new parents and routine with diapers seems complicated? Wearing a wet diaper is harmful to the baby’s skin! Learn how often to change diapers and how to do it properly.

Diapers are a great invention for parents and their baby. They allow a kind of freedom: sleeping tight at night, going out without any accidents, etc. Everybody understands that nappies are a great solution, there is nothing to discuss! The key question is how often to change diapers. We’ll answer this question and provide you with other useful tips.

Types of Diapers

There are two main types: disposable and cloth diapers. Let’s have a look at them so that you can decide which one to prefer.

Disposable diapers are a perfect solution for busy parents who are always on the go and for those who prefer the luxury of convenience. Doctors and experts recommend buying 2 sets: the best diapers for daytime and the best overnight diapers , this way you won’t have to change nappies in the middle of the night. You and your baby can sleep tight all night! Dreams come true!

For environment-friendly people, cloth diapers are a perfect option! You won’t have to throw it away after use, so you won’t add to environment strain. Plus, if you are on a budget such nappies will save your money. You will invest once and use the same items for several months or even years.

Well, arm yourself with diapers you’ve chosen and let’s go further.

How often to change diapers

If pee

Newborns go pee about 20 times a day! Do you have to change nappy every time he/she goes? Good news! No, you don’t! You must do it every 2-3 hours. However, remember that wearing a wet diaper is harmful to your baby’s skin, it may cause rash, fungi and other skin diseases. So, if you notice that an item is too full, don’t wait several hours, change it. Check the nappy before and after baby’s sleep.

If poo

When a kid goes poo, you’d rather change a diaper immediately since acid content can harm the baby’s sensitive skin. There is one little exception: if your baby sleeps tight, his/her skin is healthy, there is no rash, you can wait with changing for some time, but not too long! Don’t use this exception often! Because you’ll have to cure your kid’s skin in such a case!

If it’s too hot

Take into account weather conditions or your home temperature! If it’s too hot it’s better to change a nappy oftener. Sensitive skin suffers from excess wetness. Just imagine, a kid is getting sweaty and wearing a wet diaper! It’s too bad for the skin and just uncomfortable. So, wipe his/her body with water-soaked cloth and change nappies every 2 hours.

Diaper Rash: How to prevent

Some rash is Ok, but in case you do everything properly and it doesn’t disappear during 2-3 days or gets worse you must show your little one to a doctor.

In case it happens occasionally, here are tips on how to prevent and cure it:

  • Change nappies every 2-3 hours and as soon as possible if a baby poop
  • Clean the skin gently. Don’t rub or you’ll damage it!
  • Use a high-quality nappy cream or ointment with zinc oxide. It helps to prevent and heal the rash
  • Let your little one be without a nappy for some time. It’s healthy to get him/her in an air bath, doctors highly recommend it.
  • Wash your kid with high-quality baby gel or soap
  • In case you use cloth diapers wash them with fragrant and dye-free laundry detergent
  • Sometimes it happens that baby’s skin is too sensitive to the particular brand of nappies. So, if you take care of hygiene, consider your doctor recommendations, but rash still happens, you’d rather change a brand.
  • There shouldn’t be any traces on the baby’s skin when you take the diaper off. If they are, it means that nappy is too tight and you need a bigger size. Change sizes on time, otherwise, it’ll cause leaking and skin irritation.

Diapers are really comfortable and necessary things in the up-to-date world. They ease parents and baby’s lives. If you’re new parents don’t worry that changing diapers is a complicated routine, you’ll become a pro in no time, believe us!If have troubles while choosing, you’ve got enough helpers and the Top-Mom is one of them.

Now you know the most important information on nappies: what type to choose and how often to change diapers.

We wish you all the best and enjoy every moment with your sweet little one!

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