Top Video Production Trends for 2021

Australia makes up 0.66% of the world’s total internet users, with 93% of online trawling beginning with a search engine.

All businesses have realised the importance of digital marketing, with eCommerce changing how people buy and sell products.

Latest statistics suggest that pages with videos have 53% more chances of ranking on page 1 of Google search engine. Such trends call for engaging reputable video production services to make the best out of the thriving digital landscape. Here are some top video production trends for 2021 you could work on for your business to gain maximum profit and excellent ROI.

Whiteboard Marketing Videos

Whiteboard animation was this year’s top trend, which will continue to retain its popularity in 2021.

It involves the creator drawing and recording an illustrated story using a whiteboard and marker pens. These marketing videos will cost you less, as they are not expensive like 3D animation.

Their ability to suit different types of businesses make them a popular video marketing alternative. You can explain your branding requirements to an expert; they will produce a whiteboard-based animated video, focussing on your brand and appealing to the right customer base.

Mobile-optimised Videos

Recent studies show that 92% of mobile users access the internet from their mobile device, and over 85% visit a store within 24 hours of online searching.

Explainer videos, when adjusted for mobile user experience, can turn very profitable for your firm.

This mobile-first approach trend will dominate 2021, with professionals optimising videos to meet the mobile target audience’s urgency and needs while on the move.

Explainer Videos Integration Across the Marketing Funnel

Videos have overtaken textual content and become an integral part of every stage of the marketing funnel. And so video content will have an increased presence in 2021 than ever before, positively influencing the conversion rates.

From the first customer interaction with advertisements to providing support with recommendations, videos present an excellent user experience. Domain experts carefully choose and skillfully utilise animated videos, making them genuine leads to compel potential customers to move up the marketing funnel.

Explainer Videos for Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a proven way to reach and maintain a friendly interaction with your customer base.

While you tend to ignore wordy marketing emails, you will see more video content in 2021 that would be hard to ignore. Experienced consultants offering video production services suggest using animated explainers for your email marketing campaigns, explaining your new offerings to your clientele.

Such videos will be a fun way to grow your customer base and loyalty, whether it’s the working hours or the holiday seasons.

Explainers to Add Dynamics to Enterprise Website

You will find animated explainer videos beneficial for demonstrating how you work, your brand value, vision, mission, products and services.

Such videos have applications in uplifting corporate website layouts with new dynamics, motion graphics and animations.

Domain specialists produce creative videos that you can place on your product landing pages. As these will help drive the customer’s purchasing decisions, giving a competitive advantage to the products in question, experts see this as a trend here to stay.

Personalised Explainer Videos

While about 45% of all Google searches feature a local intent, 28% of such searches result in a purchase.

Such statistics suggest you first identify your target audience, know their preferences and create your content accordingly.

A fantastic way is to create animated explainers for different customer profiles, grouped by their, say, profession and shared interests. Top specialists can create personalised animations with more chances to impress the specific target audience, translating the viewership to customers purchasing your offerings.

As consumers’ online searches have become more specific and exclusive, personalised animation explainers will be a big thing in 2021.

Enrol an experienced video production services agency and discuss with them your marketing expectations. Rest assured, you will have the best video marketing solutions based on the latest trends, making your brand popular and ranking high on search engines in 2021.