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Tottenham face four away games immediately after their Champions League group fixtures

Trouble for Tottenham as they face four away games – including a trip to Anfield – immediately after their Champions League group fixtures

  • Tottenham are on the road four times in the Premier League after European ties
  • The beaten Champions League finalists have to face Liverpool at Anfield 
  • Liverpool have just one away game after six Champions League group games 

The Premier League fixture computer hasn’t been kind to Tottenham as the Champions League finalists have four away games after European ties. 

Mauricio Pochettino’s side face Leicester, Brighton, Liverpool and Wolves on the road after Champions League fixtures at the group stage. 

It’s not yet known who Tottenham will be competing against in the Champions League but they could face back-to-back fixtures away from their ground. 

Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham have been given a tough ride due to their schedule

Liverpool have just one away game following Champions League group fixtures

Liverpool have just one away game following Champions League group fixtures


Chelsea: 2 away

Liverpool: 1 away including Chelsea

Manchester City: 3 away – including Arsenal and Liverpool

Tottenham: 4 away – including Liverpool

Arsenal: 2 away

Manchester United: 3 away

Manchester City will also be in for a tough ride as three of their fixtures are away from home. 

Pep Guardiola’s men face Liverpool and Arsenal at Anfield and the Emirates Stadium respectively following European fixtures. 

Champions League winners Liverpool will be away just once after their six group games but that is against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. 

Manchester United will have three games away and three games at home after Thursday night Europa League games with the Red Devils facing West Ham, Newcastle and Norwich away. 

Arsenal, who will also compete in Europe’s second-tier competition, have just two games away from home following group game fixtures with the Gunners facing trips to Leicester and Norwich. 


21/09 – Arsenal v Aston Villa

21/09 – Chelsea v Liverpool

21/09 – Leicester City v Tottenham

 21/09 – Man City v Watford

21/09 – West Ham v Man United

05/10 –  Arsenal v Bournemouth

05/10 – Brighton v Tottenham 

 05/10 – Liverpool v Leicester City

05/10 – Man City v Wolves

05/10 – Newcastle v Man United

05/10 – Southampton v Chelsea

26/10 – Arsenal v Crystal Palace

26/10 – Burnley v Chelsea

26/10 – Liverpool v Tottenham 

 26/10 – Man City v Aston Villa

26/10 – Norwich City v Man United 

09/11 – Chelsea v Crystal Palace 

09/11 – Leicester City v Arsenal

09/11 – Liverpool v Man City

09/11 – Man United v Brighton

09/11 – Tottenham v Sheffield United

30/11 – Chelsea v West Ham United

30/11 – Liverpool v Brighton

30/11 – Man United v Aston Villa

30/11 – Newcastle v Man City

30/11 – Norwich City v Arsenal

30/11 – Tottenham v Bournemouth

14/12 – Arsenal v Manchester City

14/12 – Chelsea v Bournemouth

14/12 – Liverpool v Watford

14/12 – Man United v Everton

14/12 – Wolves v Tottenham