Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs BMW X5: Which SUV is Better?

If you cast an eye over the SUV market, you will discover that only a few of those that claim to be off roaders have real off-road capabilities. Two of them are the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and the BMW X5.

Tagged as the most capable off roader in the Prado line, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is known for its impressive diesel engine and impressive all-terrain tires that can handle even the most difficult surfaces. The BMW X5, on the other hand, boasts of its high off-road performance and practicality.

With both SUV’s having something great to bring to the table, which one should you choose? In this article, we will look at what the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and the BMW X5 have to offer in terms of design, practicality, power, and safety.


When it comes to design, there is no doubt that both the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and BMW X5 are among the most attractive SUVs out there, thanks to their robust bodies and impressive exterior trims. The signature grille of BMW and the foreboding headlights are among the BMW X5 exterior’s major draws, but it has far more to offer inside. Once you step into the X5, you will be greeted by its elegant interior that incorporates luxury, sport, and technology. One of its most amazing interior features is its 12.3-inch touchscreen powered by BMW’s own OS 7.0.

For its part, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado looks more appealing than ever. Following its refresh last year, this SUV now comes with good-looking LED headlights and DRLs that blend very well with the breadth of the Prado. With taillights now featuring black highlights and its rear door enhanced, the new Land Cruiser Prado looks far brawnier, too. When you peek inside, your eyes will get immediately drawn by the wide-ranging workover on its center stack and media interface, as well as its facelifted steering wheel and other interior features.


In the safety department, both the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and BMW X5 are also kings of their segment. Both SUVs currently hold a maximum five-star safety rating, and they both come with safety features you would not find in any of their rivals. Just like the Prado, the BMW X5 is also equipped with advanced driver-assist systems, lane-keeping assist, rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, and a lot more. It has just about everything you will need for safe driving!

But of course, there is no leaving the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado behind when it comes to the safety department. While the refreshed version has yet to be given its ANCAP rating, this SUV scored a maximum five-star rating when it was first tested in 2010. Every safety feature that the BMW X5 has is present in the Land Cruiser Prado, including auto emergency braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and more.

One thing that the Prado has that the X5 doesn’t have, however, is the reversing camera that lets you see all the objects from your rear when you are reversing. All models of the Land Cruiser Prado also come with parking sensors and ISOFIX child-seat anchor points on their second rows—a feature you will definitely love if you drive with your kids often.


When it comes to performance, both the BMW X5 and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado have the power you need for off-road driving. With the X5, the credit goes to its almost perfect eight-speed torque-converter automatic that allows for a smooth ride even when you step onto its accelerator pedal hard enough. Quite amazingly, the comfort is still there even when the SUV is in full throttle.

Despite that, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado’s significantly superior torque allows it to convey more power to its wheels more effectively than the X5. With its smaller turning radius, it is also more capable of maneuvering if you happen to get stuck in narrow spots. The Land Cruiser Prado also has more horsepower than the BMW X5, making it more capable of pulling heavier loads and scrambling up hilly terrain.


The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and BMW X5 have their own strengths that it’s not easy choosing one over the other just based on their own merits. But if you are after off-road performance, the Prado is the way to go. This SUV comes with reliability and off-road capability and is not as expensive as the X5. Its refreshed version also sees some huge changes that you will certainly love, from its interior design to what’s beneath its bonnet. More Toyota Prado reviews to explore only at the Car Expert.