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Tracking Your Fleet Made Easy With KENT CamEye

Your business is the most precious prized possession that you have, and making it profitable is always on your mind. Your fleet vehicle is in the hand of your driver, and when you track your vehicle you come across a lot of difficulties and worry about how to keep it intact.

Today, technology is involved in everything be it your coffee maker, your TV or your car.

Even vehicle industry had adopted technology, and has come out with umpteen unconventional gadgets.

This is quite comprehensible as vehicles take us from one place to another at a fast pace and have become an essential part of our lives.

Here is a glimpse of how the fleet industry has evolved:

There was a time when commuters use to rely only on buses, autos or via their personal vehicles but over the years, there is a gradual adoption of cabs and now you are more open to Ola and Uber.

Though they have eased your travel, but security still remains a concern. You come across different news of abduction, molestation and even murders within these taxi cabs.

So, there is definitive need of a vehicle security device in India that can cater to the security needs of the commuters.

Below are some of the benefits of Vehicle Trackers:

  • Vehicle Tracking

One of the basic features of a vehicle tracker is to locate the real-time location of your car. This helps to know the exact location of the car and keep track.

  • Visibility of Fleet

The GPS tracking device makes it possible to for the fleet manager to get real-time updates of the vehicle as well as the driver. The advanced mapping features allow them to zoom up to the street level. The satellite and bird view let them take a close and accurate view. This allows them to asses and analyse the routes. This feature also helps in dealing with a client’s complaint or query.

  • Asset Tracking

When the vehicles are carrying precious assets, proper measures are taken to ensure their safety and proper delivery. The vehicle tracking system comes in handy for surveillance.

  • Transit Tracking

This is a temporary measure which is taken by the company or the owner to ensure the vehicle doesn’t stop in between or take an unwarranted U-turn, hence maintaining the time and security of asset.

  • Traffic Update

Another major unpredictability is seen in traffic, more so on Indian roads. The FMS also gives a real-time traffic update of the region. This helps the driver to avoid unnecessary traffic and keeps his timeline on track.

  • Distance Calculation

The vehicle tracker helps in measuring the distance traveled and the distance left in order to plan for further journey.

Happy Customers

The vehicle tracking device helps the owners in getting the real-time location of where the vehicle and makes it possible for them to transport and receive their cargo on time. Not only does this ensure timely and scheduled delivery, but also guarantees safety.

KENT CamEye can surely suffice much of these needs though it is little different than a vanilla vehicle tracker.  KENT CamEye is one of its kind vehicle security devices which have dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car.

KENT CamEye acts as a vehicle tracker and helps the user to track the real-time GPS location of the vehicle, and playbacks the route travelled by vehicle on a map. It also offers live video streaming of either camera, from anywhere in the world.

It combines the benefits provided by both a dash cam and GPS tracker into one device. KENT CamEye is a plug and play device which is installed on the front windshield/rear-view mirror of the car.

It stores recorded video on secure cloud storage and syncs with the mobile app in real-time. It has a built-in battery and memory backup so that it works even when the car is parked or outside network coverage.

KENT CamEye is supported via an app which is available for Android and iOS systems. It also offers the users with time lapse video recorder that records everything that happens inside and outside of the car.

You can buy KENT CamEye from at a launch price of Rs.17999 (original price Rs. 19999) with 3 months of free subscription after which a monthly fees of Rs. 400, Rs. 600 will be charged.

For more information visit:, or callCustomer Service assistant at +91-9582612345 to book a demo.


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