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Traffic Control Persons for Construction Training

Every employer needs to make sure that their employees have adequate knowledge and skills to be able to work in a temporary traffic control situation with safety. The traffic control safety training course is designed to make the participants understand the personal protective equipment required in the temporary traffic control environment, proper hand signaling, preparation of job site and safety at the job site, duties, and responsibilities of the employees. The participants must understand how to be safe while controlling traffic at a construction site.

This Traffic control person training makes them able to perform their duties while ensuring their own safety as well as the safety of others.

The traffic control safety training course includes the following:

  • Safety equipment needed while controlling traffic at the job site
  • Proper uses of hand signals
  • Proper use of stop and slow sign
  • Required personal protective equipment
  • Responsibilities of the workers and the supervisors
  • Preparation of job site and work
  • Traffic control placement
  • Duties and authorizations

The construction work that is going on alongside a public road may require traffic control measures to ensure the safety of workers working at the job site along with the general public. There are four main purposes of worksite traffic control:

  1. Safety and protection of construction workers and motor vehicles by monitoring and regulating the flow of traffic.
  2. For the progress of the work stopping the traffic when needed if not then keep the traffic moving at lower speeds to avoid any tie-ups or delay
  3. Ensure the construction work progress with safety and efficiency.
  4. Make sure to give priority to public traffic over construction equipment

For this purpose, many worksites deploy the employees which are called traffic control persons or traffic control flaggers and their work is to regulate the traffic manually by using stop and slow signs and hand signals to avoid any conflict between the construction workers, activities of the work zone, opposing road traffic, construction vehicles and pedestrians.

The person working as a traffic control person must follow the laws to make sure their own safety along with the safety of those around them. There might be different laws and regulations for traffic control in various states and provenience, but the one requirement for the person working as a traffic controller never changes and that is the person must be competent in any work they initiate. Being competent means:

  • The person must be qualified to perform the work assigned with safety as they should have knowledge, training, and experience
  • The person must be aware of regulations related to the health and safety of the state or the region
  • The person must have knowledge of any potential hazard related to health or safety at the worksite.
  • Employers are legally bound to ensure that their employees are competent in given work.

The traffic control safety training course is made for the workers that need the knowledge and skills to perform the duties of a traffic control person safely and competently.

The duration of the course is around one hour and after successful completion of the course, the participant will get the completion certificate.


Smooth flow of traffic is important at the construction sites. Sometimes, some constriction work goes on alongside the roads and it may disturb the traffic management that requires a traffic control person who can manage traffic in such temporary work condition. Trained TCP can work safely and organize the flow of traffic in proper and safe manner. Traffic control safety training can prove helpful.