Treating Lower Back Pain: What You Need To Know

Do you suffer from debilitating lower back pain? Have you visited every chiropractor in your area hoping to get some relief? Are you still on the lookout for some treatments that may help to ease your pain once and for all? If so, the following are some treatment suggestions that will help to combat the ache and get you back to do doing the things you used to do before the pain set in.

Exercise Your Lower Back Muscles

It might sound like the last thing you want to do when you have pain but doing the right kind of movements can help to get rid of much of the discomfort you’re feeling. Sit-ups and toe-touch exercises should be avoided as you may end up causing more damage. Pelvic tilts, swimming and slow and controlled stretches such as the cat-cow stretch are recommended. Low-impact walking is also a good activity to fit into your routine but be sure to start slowly and build up your time and speed. It’s not a good idea to do any of these movements without professional advice so always consult with your doctor or chiropractor.

Cold/Hot Treatments

Have you heard of hot and cold therapy? It’s very effective for treating a wide range of injuries and it’s an easy and affordable way to ease pain, increase circulation and reduce inflammation. It’s important to know what method to use for your particular type of pain as you may just need hot or cold or a combination of the two.  Typically, you would use ice for severe injuries and pain and you’d also use it to reduce swelling and inflammation. Heat therapy is most effective for stiffness and muscle pain.

Wear Proper Shoes

The shoes you wear can have a huge impact on your pain levels and invest in high-quality footwear may just be the best remedy to getting you on track to living a pain-free life. High heels, flat shoes and shoes that are too big/small and tight/loose should be avoided at all costs. Find footwear that will give you proper arch support and maximum comfort. It’s also a good idea to invest in specially designed insoles or inserts.

Improve Your Sleep

Getting 8+ hours of good quality sleep each night will do wonders for your physical and mental health. Bad sleep posture can cause terrible pain so you need to be sure you’re doing your best to sleep in a neutral pose. This means keeping your spine straight from the neck down. Sleeping on your back is the best solution with sleeping on your side with your legs stretched coming in a close second. Avoid sleeping on your side with your legs curled up towards your chest and sleeping on your stomach should be avoided at all costs. This position does not support spine alignment and you’ll end up putting huge pressure on your joints and your lower back.

Getting Rid Of Back Pain

These are just some solutions you can start implanting today to get rid of your back pain. As always, be sure to consult with your doctor.