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Tree Trimming Tips

What is the secret to having a beautiful tree? Water it, care for it and make sure that it gets plenty of sun. But there is one thing that can really make a difference; trimming. Tree care is really similar to regular plant care. This is due to the fact that trees are, after all, plants themselves. So, just like you would prune a fern or trim a bush, you need to trim your trees. The problem with tree trimming is that it isn’t as easy as taking out a pair of gardening shears and start snipping away. Trees require more robust tools in order to be trimmed.

Apart from needing stronger tools, tree cutting also requires caution. Unlike a bush, a tree’s debris is far heavier. A falling tree branch can become a major safety hazard. This is why it is recommended that you do not cut your trees on your own. You can find plenty of tree trimming service companies to do this job for you. You can check out Lindbergh’s Tree Service Greensboro area by visiting this website.

Hiring a tree service is easy. You just have to call them and leave everything to them. But when should you call them? How do you know that it is the right time to have your tree trimmed? A tree needs to be trimmed only once or twice a year. But you need to have it trimmed at just the right time. Otherwise, your tree’s growth can become compromised for the entire year.

How Do You Know When to Trim Your Tree?

The answer to this question lies in why you need to have your tree trimmed. There are three major reasons why someone wants to get their tree trimmed:

  • Your tree’s annual trimming is overdue.
  • You have a fruit bearing tree that is nearing its season.
  • Your tree has become damaged.

Trees like to grow, it is what they do. So, it is perfectly normal for a tree to grow all over the place if left unchecked. A growing tree can eventually become a nuisance as its branches begin reaching out. Unchecked growth can make a tree lose its aesthetics. It can also turn a tree into a potential safety hazard. If a tree is not trimmed, it will eventually become “top-heavy”. This means that its center of mass will begin to shift upwards as a tree’s top becomes denser. A top-heavy tree can be more prone to toppling over in storms. If your tree has been looking unruly, you should have it trimmed. The best way to tell whether your tree’s annual trimming is overdue is by checking your calendar. You should have your tree trimmed at least once a year.

If you have a fruit bearing tree on your property then you are in luck. A well-cared for tree can supply you with loads of fresh fruit when it is in season. However, fruit bearing trees are also really sensitive. This means that you need to take extra care of them. The slightest bit of negligence can result in your tree’s fruit yield being affected. To maximize a fruit bearing tree’s yield, you need to have it trimmed just before its season starts. There’s a small window of time that will vary based on what kind of tree you have. For fruit bearing trees, you should have them inspected by an arborist. They will be able to guide you on proper trimming time and other useful things.

Sometimes trees can get damaged. This can happen for a number of reasons. The most common reason for tree damage is strong winds. A powerful storm can rip off branches from a tree. And in extreme cases, it can even uproot an entire tree. Fortunately, freak storms are rare. But you can expect your tree to sustain minor damage from time to time. A windstorm can end up weakening a few branches. When this happens, it is important to deal with weakened branches before anything bad happens. A slightly weakened branch can end up flying off your tree in the next storm. After every strong storm, you should visually inspect your tree. Make sure that everything looks alright. And if you spot signs of damage, you should have that part of your tree trimmed as soon as possible.

Knowing when to trim your tree is not as tricky as it may sound. You just need to make a habit of being familiar with your tree. A monthly visual inspection of your tree can be more than enough in most cases. And the best part about tree trimming is that you don’t need to do it regularly. Most of the time, a tree needs to be trimmed only once or twice a year.