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Trends That Will Change TV Broadcasting In 2021

With the advent of OTT platforms and streaming online programs, the TV broadcast industry is no longer the viewers’ first choice. To many smartphone users, it seems the TV industry has pulled itself behind, but there are still many viewers who prefer watching the news on a TV broadcast.

This is why the TV industry has gone a total overhaul in terms of the kind of programs it is choosing to telecast and a complete makeover on their presentation technique.2021 is the time to innovate and adapt to the most advanced technology to bring back the audience and show its presence in the market. TV broadcast needs to identify the key trends and innovations to create strategies to stay connected with the viewers.

Here are a few of the changes that a viewer can expect to see in the TV broadcasting industry to expand their reach:

News Apps on OTT platforms

To stay connected with the users of OTT delivery systems, TV channels are building futuristic apps compatible with Android and iOS phones. The applications make for the TV news apps will be technologically ahead and will have the features of live news streaming and webcast. Live weather forecast and storm coverage will help the channels reach viewers’ living room.

Adding these technological advancements to the apps will ensure their position on OTT delivery systems. But it is a marathon to win. The TV broadcast stations need to develop content that will not just creative but valuable to their audience as well. Platforms like Roku and AppleTV are already here to be part of a growing category of OTT systems.

Quick to telecast the latest information

There was a time when there was a competition among paparazzi about who will produce Princess Diana’s picture first. Every move made by her was captured the minute she was out. This was the competition during the 90s in the TV and newspaper-broadcast industry. There has been a similar case where each channel and social media platforms are up to date with the latest political news and entertainment news.

With smartphones in their hands, the viewers already have access to the latest information at their fingertips. In 2021, the focus will be on the quality and quickness of producing the content to the viewers. The winner will be, of course, the one who will deliver the real news with quality graphics as soon as the event occurs.

There will be no place for the runner-ups because the moment news is updated on OTT, it becomes viral and available to everyone. Twenty-four hours of live streaming with accurate information will be the new trend for TV broadcasts.

Technological changes in the broadcast: AI implementation

Most of the industries are moving towards automation and removing human resources to cut the cost. This is due to the augmented intelligence that has shown many paths towards automation of processes with personalization. With AI implementation in TV broadcasting, human intervention will be reduced, and programs will be created for users for their watch preference.

For Example, the schedules will be broadcast with auto subtitles for the videos. AI will also help in video analytics and generates graphs to understand user engagement. Augmented intelligence will share the broadcasters’ resources to create and improve the viewing experience without adding more resources. Augmented intelligence will help the TV industry to work faster and wiser.


The future of TV journalism is Digitalization. It is the right time for the TV broadcast to change its processes and reinvent itself to stay afloat with other platforms. With only 8% of people worldwide watching TV, the broadcast industry needs to invest in new trends to engage more viewership and create more high-quality content.

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