Troubled AFL star Ben Cousins hit with fresh stalking charges against ex-girlfriend

1996 – Makes AFL debut with West Coast and is named the league’s Rising Star

2001 – Named club captain of West Coast at age 23

2002 – Breaks his arm falling down a flight of stairs at a nightclub months after punching his teammate Daniel Kerr

2005 – (May) Is quizzed by police about association with underworld identities

– (September) Wins Brownlow medal as the AFL’s best and fairest player

Cousins after the 2006 AFL Grand Final

2006 – (February) Swims across a Perth river to escape a booze bus

– (September) Wins AFL premiership with the Eagles

– (December) Is arrested after passing out in front of Melbourne’s Crown Casino and spends four hours in jail 

2007 – (March) Suspended by West Coast after missing training session

– (April) Goes to a drug rehabilitation facility in the US

– (October) Revealed to have visited fellow Eagles legend Chris Mainwaring twice on the night he died of a drug overdose

– (October) Arrested and charged with drug offences that are later dropped 

– (November) Eventually sacked by West Coast and banned from the AFL for one year

2008 – AFL re-registers Cousins and he is signed by Richmond

2010 – Retires from the AFL but releases autobiography and documentary

Cousins has been charged with drug possession and refusing a drug test in 2007, but the charges were later dropped

Cousins has been charged with drug possession and refusing a drug test in 2007, but the charges were later dropped

2015 – Arrested three times before leading police on a slow-speed car chase

2016 – (June) Spotted behaving erratically and directing traffic on a highway 

– (October) In and out of court over drug offences and breaches a restraining order taken out by his ex-partner  

2018 – (January) Released from jail on parole just 10 months into his sentence

He takes up a community support role with the West Coast Eagles – a requirement of his parole conditions 

– (May): Reports emerge he hasn’t been seen at the club for a month

The club confirms the he told officials in April he no longer wanted the job

– (August) Arrested and charged with drug possession and breaching a  restraining order

2019 – (February) He was fined $1,750 for possessing meth and hiding it up his anus while in jail 

(March) Cousins pleaded not guilty to 14 offences in court, including breaching a family violence restraining order and a count each of aggravated stalking and threatening to injure, endanger or harm  

(April) Cousins is arrested in Perth with a  Cousins is released from jail on bail after eight months inside.

2020 – (March) Tell-all documentary Coming Clean goes to air – Cousins opens up about his meth addiction and time behind bars.

(April) Cousins is arrested in Perth after allegedly being caught with 2.5grams of methamphetamine while asleep beside his car.