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Trump gets a 10-point polling bump in January

President Trump has recovered from a December polling low, with his approval rating popping up 10 points in January in the Monmouth University poll.  

Trump’s rating now sits at 42 per cent approval and 50 per cent disapproval in January. 

In December, he received an all-time low in this particular survey, with 32 per cent of Americans approving of the president, and another 56 per cent saying they disapproved.  


The day after President Trump’s first State of the Union, he woke up to one of his favorite things: improved poll numbers 

Another marker of good news for the president is that a smaller percentage of Americans would like to see him impeached, while a larger chunk wants to see him stay in office. 

Thirty-eight per cent said they’d like Congress to impeach Trump, with 57 per cent saying lawmakers should lay off. 

In July, 41 per cent of respondents said they’d like to see Trump’s ouster, with another 53 per cent saying the president should stay. 

A majority, 56 per cent, now believe he’s been at least somewhat effective at getting Congress to pass his legislative agenda. 

Trump’s main major legislative victory happened in December 2017, as Congress got his tax package passed before Christmas, just as the president promised.   

Still, another 41 per cent of those polled say the president has not been successful.  

It’s movement though, as in December only 42 per cent of Americans said Trump has been successful with his dealings with Congress, with another 53 per cent saying he had not.  


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