Trump goes GUN shopping with Marjorie Taylor Greene: Former president poses with a $829.99 9MM GLOCK with his face on the grip in armory tour

Donald Trump considered buying a glock with his face on the grip during a visit to South Carolina on Monday, stopping at the Palmetto State Armory with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to examine the weapons available for purchase.

The former president also posed with a special ‘Trump edition’ gun that features the Trump’s photo on the handle and the words ‘Trump 45’ on the chamber. 

‘I’m going to buy one. I want to buy one,’ Trump said after examining the weapon. ‘Isn’t glock a great gun?’

One of the salespeople told the former president that Trump glock was a top seller.

‘They sell well,’ Trump asked. When he heard ‘yes,’ he replied: ‘They like me.’ 

The exchange was posted on social media by Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung, who wrote Trump purchased the gun. Cheung later clarified the former president did not actually make the purchase and he deleted the video he posted on X, the platform formally known as Twitter. 

Donald Trump poses with a glock gun with his face on it during a trip to South Carolina

If Trump had bought the glock, there would have been questions about the legality of him buying it.

Federal law prohibits anyone under a felony indictment – which applies to Trump, who is facing multiple charges from the Justice Department tied to his possession of classified documents and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results – from purchasing a gun.

However, some federal judges have ruled that such a rule isn’t consistent with the Constitution, meaning Trump could have challenged the issue in court.

Additionally, in South Carolina, a purchaser is required to have either a concealed carry permit, or have an instant background check done in order to purchase a fire arm.

The form Trump would have to fill out is an ATF form.  On it, he would have to attest that he is not under felony indictment and not using or addicted to drugs – just as Hunter Biden did when he bought a gun in 2015. 

Trump examined and posed with the GLOCK G19 GEN4 COMPACT “TRUMP” EDITION 9MM PISTOL, THREADED BARREL, which retails for $829.00, per the Palmetto State Armory website. 

Trump posed with Palmetto State Armory co-owner Julian Wilson and Palmetto State Armory founder Jamin McCallum, according to photos and video posted to social media. 

He also posed with a glock, holding it up for photos. Greene, a strong Trump ally, posted such a picture on her social media and wrote: ‘President Trump doing a little shopping in South Carolina! He will protect our great Second Amendment!!’

The glock features Trump's photo and retails for $829.99

The glock features Trump’s photo and retails for $829.99

Trump’s armory stop comes as President Joe Biden has established a gun violence prevention office.

Gun violence is also likely to be a major in the 2024 presidential campaign. Biden is appealing to suburban women, voters of color and younger voters, who have expressed concern about gun violence. 

Trump, meanwhile, has been a prominent defender of second amendment rights. 

Polls show Americans are growing more concerned about the number of shootings in the country. The U.S. has one of the highest rate of gun violence in the world.

Six-in-ten U.S. adults say gun violence is a very big problem in the country today, with 62% of Americans saying they expect the level of gun violence to increase over the next five years, according to the Pew Research Center.

So far in 2023, there have been 504 mass shootings in the United States, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Trump, as president, did not sign legislation expanding background checks. However, he did ban the sales of bump stock – a device that turns a firearm into a firearm that operates like an automatic weapon. A bump stock was used in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, the deadliest mass shooting in American history. 

'I'm going to buy one. I want to buy one,' Trump said after examining the weapon. 'Isn't glock a great gun?'

‘I’m going to buy one. I want to buy one,’ Trump said after examining the weapon. ‘Isn’t glock a great gun?’ 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (in back wearing white) was with Donald Trump

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (in back wearing white) was with Donald Trump 

Trump was campaigning in South Carolina as he runs for the GOP presidential nomination

Trump was campaigning in South Carolina as he runs for the GOP presidential nomination

The former president spoke at a campaign event at Sportsman Boats in Summerville – part of the greater Charleston area – later Monday afternoon. 

He was joined Senator Lindsey Graham and Governor Henry McMaster — two of his largest allies in the state.

South Carolina is an important primary state. Trump leads polls for the Republican presidential nomination by double digits. 

In South Carolina, he’s battling home state lawmakers Nikki Haley and Tim Scott for a win there. He leads both in polling of the state.

It’s Trump second visit to South Carolina in only two months.