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Turkish firefighter tries to give the kiss of life to a puppy from burning building

Heartbreaking moment firefighter tries in vain to give the kiss of life to a puppy after pulling it out of a burning building in Turkey

  • Footage shows firefighter desperately trying to perform CPR on the puppy  
  • Firefighters were called when a fire broke out in a flat in Istanbul, Turkey
  • The puppy couldn’t be saved but firefighter’s actions have been praised online 

This is the moment a firefighter gives the kiss of life to a small dog on the pavement after recovering the body from a burning home.

The attempt, which was ultimately in vain, took place in Istanbul, Turkey, after a fire broke out in a first-floor flat.

According to reports, the blaze started in one of the bedrooms and firefighters were called to the four-storey building to put out the flames.

The dog remains unresponsive throughout but the firefighter's actions have led to be him being heralded 'a beautiful man'

An unidentified firefighter desperately tries to give CPR to a dog found collapsed inside a flat in Istanbul, Turkey

Inside the burning flat, one kind-hearted fireman found a dog collapsed on the floor that had been affected by the smoke, and immediately rushed it outside into the fresh air.

He then tried to save its life by administering CPR and the kiss of life although ultimately without success.

Although reports are unclear, it is believed that the dog was alone in the flat at the time of the fire.

In the video footage, the firefighter is seen compressing the small dog’s chest as it lies on the pavement with its eyes closed.

He then performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the pooch, but it remains unresponsive to the firefighter’s efforts.

Social media users praised the man for trying so hard to save the little dog’s life.

Caner Erin said: ‘Well done! You sure know how to be a decent human being.’ 

Zeynep Sayin added: ‘Great stuff my brother!’

‘Handan Tokat’ wrote: ‘You are a beautiful man who takes action instead of doing nothing’. 


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