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TV star Sami Lukis reveals the dating insult she was most offended by

Benching: Putting a potential relationship on hold for the sake of a more promising one. The person may revisit the ‘benched’ relationship if the other option falls through.

Breadcrumbing: Leading a romantic interest on by giving small shows of attention here and there, often via direct message on Instagram, with radio silence in between.

Cloaking: Dubbed the ‘new ghosting’, cloaking takes things one step further by blocking the person on all channels of communication.

Cuffing: Finding a partner for the cold winter months (and ‘uncuffing’ or dumping them when summer rolls round).

Cushioning: When a relationship is floundering, one or both parties begin flirting with others to ‘cushion’ the blow of the final break up.

Dateview: A grilling interview about kids, marriage and life goals on the first date, to determine if you’re worth a second.

Dial Toning: When someone gives you their number to text them, but when you do, they never respond. 

DTR: Acronym for ‘define the relationship’, the dreaded chat about where the romance is going.

Eclipsing: When a friend suddenly develops a deep interest in their new partner’s hobbies or social circle.

Exoskeleton-ing: When the ex of your current partner contacts you, usually via Instagram or Facebook. 

Firedooring: When the effort in a relationship is one-sided, because fire escapes only open in one direction.

Fleabagging: Inspired by Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character in Fleabag, the practice of repeatedly dating people who are completely unsuitable for you.

Ghosting: Suddenly cutting contact with a romantic partner. Also known as ‘the coward’s way out’ of modern relationships.

Glamboozled: Getting ready for a date, only to be cancelled on at the last minute.

Haunting: Similar to ghosting, but the person continues to watch the ghosted person’s Instagram stories or silently like their posts.

Kittenfishing: When you arrive to a first date, only to find the person has used a profile picture from at least ten years ago. Similar to catfishing. 

Left on read: Reading a message, but not replying.

Negging: Backhanded compliments designed to undermine your confidence and cause you to crave the ‘neggers’ approval.

Orbiting: Letting a former fling know you are still vaguely interested by liking their Instagram posts.

Phubbing: Ignoring someone in favour of flicking on your phone.

Roaching: As in cockroach, a romantic partner hiding the fact they are secretly dating multiple people at the same time.

Stashing: Also known as ‘pocketing’, when a new partner hasn’t introduced you to their family or friends, and never posts photos with you on social media. Usually done to allow them to keep their options open.

Slow fade: Like ghosting, but gentler. There will be more warning signs, so watch out.

Thirst trap: Posting a sexy photo on social media to attract attention, usually the attention of a specific person.

Tindstagramming: Finding a person and messaging them on Instagram after matching with them on Tinder.

Typecasting: Basing your compatibility with someone on things like star signs or personality tests.

Source: Confessions of a Trainwreck podcast via ABC


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