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Two people are killed when their small plane crashes into woods near Boston

Two people were killed when the small plane they were travelling in crashed into woods in near Boston.

The light aircraft came down in Woburn, Massachusetts around 11am on Saturday killing the pilot 65-year-old Dr. Michael Graver and his wife 52-year-old Jodi Cohen.

Neighbors living in the quiet town described hearing an explosion that ‘sounded like the end of the world,’ then a large fire.

A small plane has crashed in wooded area north of Boston in the town of Woburn, killing two people, close to a residential area

A resident said that his son called him and told him that a plane ‘fell out of the sky’. There was then an explosion. 

‘It’s a miracle no one on the ground was hurt,’ Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin said at a press conference .

Galvin confirmed the deaths of the two people travelling in the plane.

First responders said there was a large fire when the first firefighters arrived at the scene according to WCVB.

FAA says the two-seat aircraft was a Columbia Aircraft LC41 (file photo) 

FAA says the two-seat aircraft was a Columbia Aircraft LC41 (file photo) 

Donna Landino, who lives across the street from where the crash happened, was cleaning her house when she ‘heard a huge bang.’ She thought a car had crashed into her house.

‘I came out, and there was a plane in between two houses with an explosion,’ Landino said to WBUR.

Another man called Miguel described hearing the accident to the Woburn Advocate.

‘Then there was nothing, just silence,’ he said. ‘Then boom.’ 

He told how he saw black smoke rising up and several fires on the ground along with a wheel and part of the fuselage.

‘We were calling out, but there was no response,’ he said. ‘It is very tough to see a loss of life.’ 

It was not immediately clear where the plane took off from.

The FAA identified the plane as a Columbia Aircraft LC41.  

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the circumstances of the crash.