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Two swimmers bitten by a crocodile while swimming at a popular waterfall in the Northern Territory 

Two swimmers are bitten by a crocodile while taking a dip at a popular waterfall in the Northern Territory

A crocodile has attacked two swimmers while they were relaxing at a popular waterfall in the Northern Territory.

The swimmers were among about 200 other people who were taking a dip at Wangi Falls in the Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory on Monday. 

Tourists and locals are often found relaxing in the popular swimming hole, despite signs warning of ‘very low crocodile risk’.

‘Management practices reduce the risk of Saltwater Crocodiles entering this area,’ the signs read. 

A Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture spokeswoman confirmed the bites were reported to park rangers.

She said both swimmers were extremely lucky to escape unscathed, NT News reported. 

‘Litchfield rangers (on Monday) received unconfirmed reports that two people had been nipped by a freshwater crocodile while swimming at Wangi Falls and had minor lacerations which they self-treated,’ the spokeswoman said. 

The spokeswoman used the close-call as an opportunity to remind swimmers of the dangers posed by freshwater crocodiles. 

A woman who witnessed the attacked posted to Facebook saying ‘there was a bit of drama in the Top End’.  

While she and her family were swimming back to shore from the waterfall, her husband noticed a ’65-year-old woman with a noodle started screaming hysterically’. 

‘We approached and asked her if she was okay,’ the woman wrote, thinking she may have been having a heart attack.

‘She freaked out because a crocodile had bitten her hand and then latched onto her bathers and wouldn’t let go,’ she said. 

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