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Two-year-old girl falls from hotel window

‘Get out, your BABY is on the floor!’: Horrified neighbour hears two-year-old girl fall 30ft fall from hotel window then shouts for her parents to come – as toddler ‘fights for life’ in hospital

  • A two-year-old girl has been rushed to hospital after falling from a hotel window
  • The incident happened at the Rooms Inn hotel in Blackpool, at around 9am
  • Toddler airlifted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital remains in ‘serious condition’

A two-year-old girl is in a serious condition after falling from a hotel window today.

The toddler fell from a second storey window at the Rooms Inn hotel in Blackpool around 9am this morning. 

The youngster was airlifted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Merseyside with multiple fractures and remains in a serious condition, according to police.

Neighbour Kevin Twiss revealed how he found the girl on the floor outside after hearing crying, before shouting up to her parents in the hotel room. 

The incident happened at the Rooms Inn hotel in Blackpool, at around 9am this morning

An ambulance, two rapid response cars and a medical helicopter were sent to the incident and remain at the scene.  

Mr Twiss, 35, was cooking breakfast when he heard a crying noise which ‘sounded awful’ but didn’t think anything of it. 

He used a ladder to clamber over a wall into the next-door yard, where the two-year-old was lying. 

Mr Twiss, whose wife runs the neighbouring Lumada Hotel, shouted up to a window ‘get out, your baby’s on the floor’ before the girl’s father raced downstairs and attempted to kick open a side gate to get to his daughter.

Mr Twiss says he passed the child through a gap in the gate to her father who then took her back into the Rooms Inn.

He said: ‘I looked out of the side window and couldn’t see anything, and then I heard it again and when I looked outside that was when I saw the child on the floor.

‘I wondered if I was seeing it right. I ran outside and when the parents weren’t there I shouted up to them.

‘From there I jumped over the wall and wasn’t sure what to do and I picked her up, and at that point, the father started trying to kick the gate open to get to the child, so I passed her through a gap in the gate, and from there that was it.

‘He took the child and went back into the hotel and we phoned an ambulance.

‘It was just so quick. I picked her up and her dad was there, so I passed her straight over.

‘It was a horrible thing and I’m just praying that we don’t hear any bad news. I just hope she’s alright.’

His wife Wendy, 44, added: ‘We could hear a noise. It sounded awful.

‘We all looked out of the window but we couldn’t see anything. He had a look out another window and said ‘Oh my God, its a baby’.’ 

Police at the scene today after the toddler was taken to hospital

Police at the scene today after the toddler was taken to hospital 

Kerry Wormald, housekeeper at the Arabella Hotel, said: ‘A young man came running down to say that there was somebody in the back alley screaming that they needed an ambulance.

‘We looked out the back window into the car park and couldn’t see anything, so I went into the back alley to have a look and as I went out I could hear a baby screaming.

‘It sounded like something was coming from next door, so I shouted over.

‘At that point, I saw [a man] in the second-floor window on the phone. I went out the front.

‘We could hear the sirens on the ambulance and I stood on the street with a few other people flagging it down.’