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Types Of CBD

The Cannabis plant has a variety of compounds embedded. These compounds are over 100, and among them is Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is another compound in Cannabis. However, unlike THC, which causes a high-feeling of intoxication, CBD is the exact opposite. In other words, CBD doesn’t intoxicate, and as a result of that, it has been reported to have a significant number of health benefits, including treatment of anxiety.

Nevertheless, all CBD is not the same. If you’re still unsure about which type of CBD is best for you, this article will be of good use to you. There are three major types of CBD made differently, possessing different properties, and used for various purposes. Thankfully, you can get any of these varieties using the Truth naturals discount code.

Full Spectrum CBD

This is the purest form of CBD. According to its name “full,” it involves the extraction of a full profile of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids directly from the Cannabis plant. It is also sometimes regarded as a whole plant CBD. A full-spectrum CBD contains a minute quantity of THC so little that it can’t cause any “high feeling.” Therefore, if you need a CBD containing all the over 100 natural, original compounds of the cannabis plant, you should go for a full spectrum CBD. However, the fact that full-spectrum CBD and whole spectrum CBD have similar properties doesn’t mean they’re the same. The latter is less refined than the former; hence, the latter will contain waxes, fats, plus several other fibrous materials from the Cannabis plant. Different extraction methods can be adapted to create a full spectrum or whole spectrum CBD.

Isolate CBD

Its name says it all already. An Isolate CBD is a pure CBD that is isolated from the other compounds found in the Cannabis plant. In other words, it contains only one compound. Therefore, if you’re looking for a CBD containing over 99% pure CBD content with no THC or any other compound, you should go for an Isolate CBD. Following the extraction and separation of CBD concentrate from the other compounds in the Cannabis plant, the extract will then be subjected to a process called the winterization process. It is at this stage that the remaining terpenes, waxes, or cannabinoids will be extracted. After this process, you’ll have a CBD product that contains over 99% pure CBD. This means you don’t have to purchase full-spectrum CBD with the thought of subjecting it to the further extraction process if what you need is a pure CBD. Just go for an Isolate CBD once without stress.

Broad Spectrum CBD

This is the third type of CBD. Your guess may be right this time. Since we have a CBD containing all the compounds in the Marijuana plants, and we have another containing only the pure CBD, then we should have one that combines the two. This is it. The Broad Spectrum CBD is a type of CBD that falls in the middle ground between a full spectrum CBD and an Isolate CBD. You don’t have to be confused. What happens in the case of a broad spectrum CBD is that the extract begins as a full-spectrum oil, possessing all the full range of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids. It is then subjected to another process where all THC compounds are removed. A broad-spectrum CBD is, therefore, similar to a full spectrum CBD, but in its case, the THC will be removed. This kind of CBD is, therefore, useful for those who need a full-spectrum CBD without THC. There are also some broad-spectrum products without other compounds, including the THC. Those kinds of broad-spectrum CBD are made for specific reasons, to serve certain unique purposes.

Additionally, if you’re considering taking a CBD, but you want the best of the three CBD types mentioned above, then you should continue reading.

If you don’t want your drug test to indicate you take Marijuana extracts, then you should go for CBD isolate. It is your safest option if you’re going to pass a drug test because it has no THC that causes intoxicating effects, which is what the test looks for. In the absence of the THC, you won’t test positive for drugs. However, you should ensure to ask the company you’re buying from if the product is 99% pure CBD. This will help you avoid taking any trace quantity of THC.

Now you know the types of THC, and you can, therefore, choose the right one you need.

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