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Types of CNC Lathe machines

Traditionally, CNC lathe machines are uses for woodturning, metal spinning, thermal spraying, metalworking, glass working, and parts reclamation. At least one center can replace to accommodate workpieces of different lengths in the horizontal direction, and one to two centers typically hold one piece

CNC Lathes machines can quickly replace the old produced lathes because of the ease in operation, settings, repeatability, and accuracy. CNC lathe is one kind of CNC machine.

CNC is an abbreviation of computer numerical control, which means machines operated by a computer system. CNC Lathe functions with accurate design instructions with the machine parts for exact specifications.

Types of CNC Lathe machines

CNC Lathe machines can be divided into different types based on axes used in the machine. The devices are available with different axes offering more complicated parts to be made without the manually operated machines and tools, as different axes affect the position and rotation of the machine’s parts that reach during the mechanical process.

So if you want to discover about types of lathe machines, let’s find out the most commonly used devices.

2-Axis CNC Lathe: in addition to the Caxis, the three-axis CNC Lathe tool system adds, thus allowing the part to get the position to run the standard milling operations, like dull, and tapping operations and functions can efficiently work.

3-Axis CNC Lathe: With the addition of a 3-axis CNC lathe, helical milling operations that work with the slow sync rotation of the workpiece in the machine is possible to function.

4 -Axis CNC Lathe: Adding the Y-axis in the 4-Axis machine off-center machine operations and functions can be done for more complicated and irregular lathe work.

5-Axis CNC Lathe: A second turret is installed in the 3 Axis CNC Machine to make the 5 Axis lathe machine. Such devices will have two axes at the upper and lower turret and a C axis on the rotation of the spindle. This will offer the use of two tools simultaneously on the part of the machine, resulting in the device’s speed.

6-Axis CNC machine: CNC Lathe machine with 6 Axis includes the C axis with the primary and secondary spindle, two turrets, upper and lower with the addition of two linear axes, the upper turret on the Y-axis, and the second spindle that can move around the central spindle for picking up the part.

The machines with eight axes are also available, but these machines are very soft and sophisticated, and the complicated machines cannot use for everyday and regular use.

The machine shops and manufacturers should consider the basics and types of lathe machines outlined above while planning whether CNC Lathing is the most reliable resolution for their specific machine applications and implications.

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