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Types of Head-Up Devices in the Market

Going through the vizr reviews will make you understand that, there are various head up devices that are available in the market.  In a world where there are a lot of technological advances, it is fair for your vehicle to enjoy the same treatment by going for a head-up device  – HUD. They are the new add ons for consumer cars, designed for helping the driver to keep their eyes on the road and focus ahead.

What is HUD

To put it in simpler terms, an HUD is an image that is digitally transparent, projected on the windshield of the vehicle to display the same information which you will gladly get on a dashboard. It includes everything from the speed which you are currently driving at to your engine revs and different temperature gauges.

The theory behind the whole technology is that, when all the information is displayed in the same place then you as the driver, will keep your focus ahead, reducing the amount of time which is used to give attention looking on your phone or checking out the car radio. When most of the time your eyes are on the road as the driver, chances are that there will be a reduction in road accidents.

There are those who argue that the HUD might become a legal requirement in some countries due to the fact that the number of carnages that happen on the road on a daily basis across the globe keeps on increasing day by day.  If it is not due to our phones, GPS might be responsible for the distraction.

With the HUD, all these distractions will be placed in a central screen, allowing you to do everything from answering your phone, checking emails to checking the number of miles which are left to get to your destination.  All these will be without having to take your gaze off the road in the process.

Though the technology is relatively new in the market, there are various versions that are available which you can choose from depending on the type of budget you have and your specific requirements.

  • In-Car HUD: Most new models of cars have an in-car HUD. They are HUDs that are already installed in the vehicle, meaning, they will pull all your data from everything which is happening in your engine in real-time without having to utilize the GPS.

So if you are out there looking for a vehicle and want to get a HUD which is factory-installed, it will not cost more than just a few extra dollars and it might be worth the cost.  Unlike the HUD apps and third-party HUDs, the in-car HUDs can be linked to Bluetooth easily on your dashboard to gather all the notifications that you require without the distractions.

Any emails, calls, or texts will be shown automatically in the panel of the HUD. This will add to the level of security and safety of your driving experience for you and your entire family.

  • HUD apps: If you are not interested in having to install a new unit in your car, then there is an option of downloading apps that will do the same thing. There are several apps on both iTunes and google play store that promise to give you the functionality that you might be looking for in a HUD. This will be done without the hassle of having to install or get the wiring done in your vehicle.

The app works through the phone’s internal GPS tracking your speed and displaying a reverse image that will be bright on the windshield. This will require that you mount your phone on the dashboard. The image will be reflected back to you from the windshield with all the information that the app collects.

This is a method which you shouldn’t opt for especially if your speedometer is not working due to the fact that phone GPSs are normally spotty, and thus should not be used as your main method of gauging the speed which you are driving at any given time.

  • Third-party HUD: The third party HUD systems are small boxes that are individual units that will sit on your dashboard. Most of them work by having to link with the internal GPS of your phone or having to find a signal of their own from the satellite to guesstimate of how fast your vehicle is moving at any given time.

This information is then displayed back on the windshield. Third-party HUD which is constructed by individual companies for use by aftermarket on vehicles is only able to display rudimentary speedometer in monochromatic colors that are not attractive to the eye.

Choose what you think is going to work best for you and as per your budget.



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