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Types of jewelry for your style

There are lots of jewelry in the market nowadays, but selecting the one that suits your style can be a bit challenging and frustrating. Situations such as loss in weight, weight gain, the mourning of a dead family member, and lots more can influence a change in your jewelry style.

Many people have a great deal of jewelry, but selecting the best one for their occasion can be challenging. Jewelry is made to beautify any part of our body where they are worn. It might be your neck, your nose, your ear, or even your ankles.

If you are buying jewelry as a gift for a person, you can buy jewelry as a birthday present for your loved ones, your family member, your wife, or even a close friend.

The problem is now so you know the type or style of jewelry they want, is it gold or silver jewelry they want? Earrings or necklace, gemstones or ankles. All these can be solved by experts in the field of jewelry, websites like Best Brilliance sell great jewelry and advice on a style that will fit who you want to gift.

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Let’s talk about some of the types of jewelry styles that are trending nowadays.

Classic styles

A survey was conducted among women about the best jewelry style, classic styles came out as the best. Classic jewelry style, according to its name, is classy and timeless. It can last you for decades without losing its stylishness. Ball studs and silver hoops are typical examples of classic-style jewelry.

People like classic style jewelry because it does not go into extinction easily, you can rock your classic style jewelry for a very long time. Something to note is that before you gift someone particular jewelry, make sure it suits their style and they will appreciate it better.

There is no point in gifting someone jewelry they will not appreciate or that does not fit their style. That’s why we have experts in the field to help you decide what style of jewelry people will like.

Studs and Earrings

This is a very unique style of jewelry, for women especially. Women put on earrings to beautify, frame their faces, and complement their hair, skin tone, and eye color. When you stand close to a lady, one of the very first things you notice is their earring. There are many types of earrings and ladies choose the one that complements them best.

Many things can influence your choice of an earring, your hair, maybe it’s long or short. If you have long hair, you should select an earring with a bright color that will easily show regardless of your hair color.

Wear Jewelry to accentuate your dressing

This might sound weird, but a lot of people don’t wear jewelry that will complement their dress. Some people wear jewelry that does not in any way match their dress.

Before you put on any piece of clothing, think about where you are going and what color of cloth you want to wear to the place. You might be specific about wearing particular jewelry, you should pick a cloth that will match the jewelry perfectly or the best thing to do is to pick your cloth first and then match it with fitting jewelry.

Your necklace should match your neckline

This is very important when selecting or buying a necklace, your neckline is the first thing you should consider. When you are dressing and you decide to wear a necklace, it should be visible, unless you intentionally want it to be hidden under your cloth, make it visible and it should also augment your dressing.

For example, if you wear V- necked shape cloth, your choice of pendant should be the one that will sit comfortably above the V shape of your cleavage. You should consider using a long necklace when wearing a crew-necked dress.

You can also browse more on the matching necklace; you will have more ideas about selecting the best necklace for your dress.

Wear mixing metal jewelry

Wearing jewelry of mixed metal was not accepted as a good dressing sense some time ago, but some people prefer it as it looks radiant and it is very catchy.

The reverse is the case now, people now mix different colors of jewelry, you can put on gold, silver, or rose gold color together now. Choosing a necklace that has a different pendant color of the chain, different color of layered necklace or bangles helps to add bright and vibrant color to your dressing.

If you notice, lots of the new jewelry designs in the market now are made of mixed metals, that’s because it brightens up your outfit, but be careful when mixing your necklace colors so as not to overdo it.


Jewelry styles are what everyone should know, a lot of people lack the basic dressing sense. This article will help you a lot and teach you some of the basic jewelry styles you need to know. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.