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Types of slot machines: online slots can be completely different

Types of slot machines: online slots can be completely different

It would be very naive to think that there is only one type of slot machine. Online slots are so popular that virtual casinos had no choice but to develop slots with different characteristics so that they could satisfy a larger number of players.

As you already understood, online one-armed bandits come in different categories.

  • You will find, for example, traditional slot machines, which in a sense are the direct ancestors of the good old one-armed bandits
  • You will also find multi-line slot machines and their attractive winning combinations
  • Finally, lovers of beautiful games will turn to video slots or 3D slot machines for their unrivaled aesthetic appeal

Types of slot machines

1. Presentation of a classic slot machine

Classic slot machines are similar to traditional old slot machines, they are very simple, they usually have three reels, sometimes five.

The symbols used on the classic slot machine are also references to slot machines of yesteryear, so you will find fruits, number 7, BAR, numbers.

2. Multi-line slot machines

The evolution of the slot machine was the multi-line slot. This means that there are two extra reels, so each time we get 5 pieces.

At the same time, the developers decided to increase the number of paylines. Today there are machines with 25 pay lines, sometimes 50 and even 100 on the latter machines.

This obviously gives to players a better chance of winning, but be careful, you need to activate these lines, which means your initial bet will be more expensive.

3. Video Slots: What Are They?

After casinos increased the number of lines, they began to design slot machines to make them more attractive.

So they started integrating game themes to make it easier for users to recognize the machines. For example, you can now find slots with an automotive theme, a fashion theme, a popular movie theme, etc.

There is also a video that boils down to a few cut-scenes as well as a few 2D scenes.

4. Progressive slots

Seeing that players always want more jackpots, casinos have developed a special slot machine. Every time a player places a bet, a portion of it goes to the jackpot.

It can be activated at any time during the game quite by accident. Progressive slots are generally very fun to play, which is more appealing to gamers.

5. Slot machines 3D: the latest novelties on the market

These are the newest machines to date. They are beautiful, the themes have been improved, they reveal a story in which you will be the protagonist throughout the game.

What’s interesting here is that all of the video scenes were shot in 3D, which gives an impression of realism that impresses the player. Some commercials are worthy of Hollywood films.

What are casinos without registration?

Casinos without registration are kind of online casinos but without an account. These casinos are a safe, fast, and user-friendly way to play online. Online casinos without registration is the hottest trend in the casino world, where the customer logs in to the casino only with bank IDs and the money also moves back to the player’s bank account under checkout.

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