Tyson Fury claims he won’t be ‘bothered’ if his much-anticipated heavyweight title fight against Oleksandr Uysk is pushed back – as the Ukrainian heavyweight needs him ‘many millions of times more than I need him’

  • The Gypsy King has a laid-back attitude to meeting the Ukrainian heavyweight 
  • Fury will first go toe-to-toe with MMA champions Francis Ngannou in Riyadh 
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If Tyson Fury falls foul of a freak injury on Saturday night which puts a brake, at least, on his one hundred million dollar Christmas bonanza battle with Oleksandr Usyk he will simply shrug his huge shoulders.

‘What’s to worry about,’ asks the Gypsy King on the eve of collecting a fifty million dollar bonus from his crossover curiosity match with UFC icon Francis Ngannou.

‘If I get a cut eye so be it,’ says Fury. ‘Let Usyk worry. Won’ t bother me if it gets put back.’

Usyk has been growing impatient waiting for their battle to become the first undisputed world heavyweight champion for ten years.

Hence this devout Catholic has agreed to get it on on December 23.

Tyson Fury has shrugged off concerns that his pre-Christmas fight against Oleksandr Uysk could be threatened by facing Francis Ngannou this weekend

The Ukrainian heavyweight champion has been waiting for a long time to meet the Gypsy King

The Ukrainian heavyweight champion has been waiting for a long time to meet the Gypsy King

Should Ngannou pull off one of the biggest upsets in history the wait will go and on and into 2024 while Fury will continue to build his projected £200 million – say it slowly – £200 miilion earnings in Saudi Arabia in a contracted rematch with Ngannou.

Talk about holding all the aces in this high stakes game of poker.

Ngannou, by the way, is guaranteed a career high $10 million this weekend in the desert.

‘Usyk needs me many millions of times more than I need him,’says Fury ‘so he’ll keep waiting if our fight gets pushed back.

‘Not that it will do him any good whenever it happens, because I will knock him out.

‘So I’m just going to fight this MMA guy the exactly the same as I fight every opponent. Without a care in the world.’

Fury has been in a rollicking good mood all fight week. Perhaps even more calm and light hearted as he engaged in animated conversation before exploding onto a giant stage for final media conference. As ever the great entertainer wowed them. 

Heavyweight boxing royalty were here – his occasional trainer Mike Tyson among them – to support their successor against a cage man. 

As they will from ringside on this steamy Saturday night in the desert. 

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