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Uber driver ‘tried to rape female passenger in back seat’ 

Suleiman Abdirizak, 42, pictured, allegedly told the woman he would only drive her home if she gave him oral sex in the back of his taxi

An Uber passenger awoke in the back of the car to find the driver trying to rape her, a court heard.

Suleiman Abdirizak, 42, from Poplar in east London, allegedly told the woman he would only drive her home if she gave him oral sex in the back of his taxi.

But the quick-thinking passenger lied about having HIV in a bid to keep the driver away from her, jurors heard.

She said Abdirizak washed his genitals with a bottle of water because he was terrified he had contracted the virus.

The finance worker had been enjoying a night out with friends at bar and grill where she drank one bottle of wine.

She and a friend waited for an Uber together, but separated when a taxi arrived for her friend.

The complainant, who cannot be named, had complained of a sore throat and flu symptoms that day, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Gary Venturi, prosecuting, said on November 10, 2016 the woman ordered an Uber under the pools system, allowing the driver to pick up more passengers on the route.

‘She had a bottle of wine and had been taking flu medicine. In the car she was dozing but noticed that the driver was taking an unusual route. She asked him about that.

‘He explained it was the pool system and she fell asleep again for about a minute. When she woke up the defendant was pushing his penis against her mouth.

‘She was in shock and this was taken advantage of. He had his penis in her mouth twice. Then, she was able to say that, “You don’t want to be doing that because I am HIV positive”.

‘He took out his penis and was washing it and his mouth.’

The court heard how a journey estimated on Google to take 19 minutes lasted over 40 minutes.

When the complainant arrived at her flat she ran to her friends and explained what had happened and they called the police.

Giving evidence she said: ‘I work in finance and was out for a drink with friends. I seem to remember he was making chit-chat. Then I fell asleep.

‘He said, ‘I will drive you home if you suck my d**k’.

‘I said absolutely not. I remember saying to him, ‘I am sure you are a nice guy, but you don’t want to sleep with me. I have had HIV for five years’.

‘He got a squash bottle and he started washing his mouth and penis. He went on google to look up HIV.

‘I think he was really scared and he was frightened. I was trying to comfort him. I was like, look chill you won’t get HIV.

‘I stayed in the taxi because I was convinced I would lose the evidence. I was quite scared about calling another Uber in case something else happened.’

Abdirizak denies rape and the trial continues.

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