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Ukip is losing 1,000 members a MONTH admits Bolton 

Ukip leader Henry Bolton has admitted his ailing party is losing 1,000 members a month as he fights an attempt to remove him as leader.

Mr Bolton made the admission at a furious meeting of party members in Surrey last month.

He was repeatedly lashed over his decision to leave his wife and start a relationship with 25-year-old glamour model Jo Marney.

Mr Bolton’s leadership has been mired in crisis since the scandal broke in January and the party’s support has collapsed to just 3 per cent in the polls. 

Ukip leader Henry Bolton was spotted out with his glamour model girlfriend Jo Marney – despite insisting he has dumped her to cling on to his job. (file pic)

The Ukip chief is pleading with members not to sack him next week and start a new leadership contest amid fears it could bankrupt the party. 

At the meeting in Surrey, from which footage has leaked online, Mr Bolton said: ‘The party is losing on average 1,000 to 800 people a month.’

Footage shows party members jeering at Mr Bolton over his decision to leave his wife and his handling of the affair.

He faces demands to resign and questions about whether or not he supports ‘family values’.

A Ukip spokesman has been asked to comment by MailOnline.  

The new revelations come after Mr Bolton claimed to have dumped the 25 year-old as he scrambled to try to salvage his political career – but has been spotted out several times with her since the scandal.

He was seen with Ms Marney on Tuesday at a bar in Folkestone, who he left his wife and young children for over Christmas.

What is the Ukip meeting that will seal Henry Bolton’s fate and when is it?

Henry Bolton is battling to cling on as leader after losing a confidence vote at the party’s NEC meeting.

Al other 14 members of the ruling voted demanding he quit as leader – with only Mr Bolton himself voting for him to say on. 

Ukip will hold an emergency meeting in Birmingham on February 17 which will decide whether to back the motion to oust Mr Bolton or throw him a life line.

Members will all be given a chance to attend and vote on the decision.

If he loses this vote he will be sacked as leader with immediate effect.

It remains unclear who would take over the party if he goes.

Nigel Farage has ruled out a comeback and many commentators have speculated that Ukip would be finished as it cannot afford another leadership vote.  

Nicole Thomas Wyeth spotted the pair out, tweeting: ‘Just saw the Ukip leader and his ‘ex’ girlfriend in the bar in our building.

‘Suppose she left some socks behind.’ 

It comes just over a week before Mr Bolton, a former Army officer will be hauled in for a crunch meeting that will decided if he stays on as leader or is booted out.

A general meeting of Ukip members will vote on his future in Birmingham on February 17.

It come after Mr Bolton lost a confidence vote by the party’s NEC – its ruling body. Every member voted to get ride of him as leader apart from Mr Bolton himself.

Ben Walker, a former Ukip leadership contender, told Mail Online Mr Bolton is single-handedly destroying the party.

He said: ‘If it is true they are still an item, and I have no reason to doubt that they are, it’s another kick in the teeth to the hardworking grassroots members of the party who have already said the actions of Bolton has left them open to attacks. 

‘The fact that he continues to associate with this woman and her abhorrent views demonstrates a disastrous lack of judgement and complete disregard of the party’s reputation of which, he has managed to single handily destroy; his only achievement to date.’

Mr Bolton left his wife Tatiana Smurova, 42,  and young children for Ms Marney over the Christmas break. 

Henry Bolton, a former Army officer (pictured outside his Folkestone hotel) will be hauled in for a crunch meeting that will decided if he stays on as leader or is booted out

Henry Bolton, a former Army officer (pictured outside his Folkestone hotel) will be hauled in for a crunch meeting that will decided if he stays on as leader or is booted out

Within days of going public with the affair it emerged that she had sent racist message about Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Markle.

Ms Marney said Prince Harry’s ‘black American’ fiancee will ‘taint’ the Royal Family with ‘her seed’ and pave the way for a ‘black king’.

Ms Marney also says that she would never have sex with ‘a n***o’ because they are ‘ugly’. 

A spokesman for  Mr Bolton said: ‘I see Ms Wyeth is a local Labour supporter. And is was early afternoon, and it’s not as if he isn’t very busy. 

‘A quick bite to eat at lunch is no change of status given what he has said before.’ 

Ms Smurova has hit out at her husband for abandoning her and their children over Christmas.

She has said: ‘What kind of person runs away to sleep with another woman, leaving their two small children over Christmas?

‘I’m still breastfeeding his child for goodness sake.

‘I feel as though I’ve been thrown in a cold ocean and I’m just trying to stay on the surface.’