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UKIP’s Kenneth Allen calls for Gina Miller to be beheaded

Outrage at UKIP member who called for anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller to be DECAPITATED and her head left outside Buckingham Palace

  • Ukip member Kenneth Allen called for campaigner Gina Miller to be beheaded 
  • In a Facebook post he said her head should be left outside Buckingham Palace
  • He also called her ‘cow traitor’ and said a ‘full pig’ should be thrown at a mosque 
  • Ms Miller told BBC Inside Out it was ‘frightening’ Ukip leader Gerard Batten said he ‘deplored’ the posts 

A Ukip member has sparked outrage after calling for an anti Brexit campaigner to have her head cut off and left outside Buckingham Palace.

Kenneth Allen made the threat against Gina Miller, who campaigned for MPs to vote on Article 50, on Facebook.

He also called Ms Miller a ‘cow traitor’ and said a ‘full pig’ should have been thrown at a mosque in Blackpool.

In another post he warned a woman before the EU referendum to ‘do yourself a big favour and vote out so you don’t get raped of (sic) a migrant.’

Ukip leader Gerard Batten (right) who was pictured alongside Kenneth Allen (left) at a rally in September told the BBC that he ‘deplored’ the Facebook posts

Ukip leader Gerard Batten, who was pictured alongside Mr Allen at a rally in September told the BBC that he ‘deplored’ the Facebook posts.

He insisted Allen was not a Ukip member when he made the comments and only renewed his membership in April last year.

Ms Miller called Allen’s comments ‘frightening’ and said she is threatened on an ‘almost daily basis.’

A reporter for an investigation on BBC Inside Out confronted Mr Allen about the posts but he refused to comment.

Ms Miller told the BBC: ‘It’s frightening. To actually be confronted with the words.

Gina Miller called the comments 'frightening'

Ms Miller, pictured in 2017, said she is threatened on an 'almost daily basis.'

Gina Miller (pictured this month, left, and during her campaign to get MPs to vote on Article 50 in 2017, right) said  called the comments ‘frightening’ and said she is threatened on an ‘almost daily basis.’

‘It’s ridiculous to think that I now think it’s normal for people to threaten me on a daily basis, but to see it in black and white… that somebody wants me to be beheaded and my head put outside Buckingham Palace.

‘This is just one of the death threats I get almost on a daily basis.’

The Facebook posts were made in 2016, the same year Labour MP Jo Cox was shot dead by far right terrorist Thomas Mair. 

Mr Batten told the BBC: ‘I attended a rally organised by justice for women and children on 15 September.

‘Many people ask to have their photograph taken with me at these events and it would be impractical and rude of me to refuse them.

‘Kenneth Allen was a lapsed member who renewed his membership in April 2018. When he made the posting in question he was not a member of the party.

‘I deplore the remarks made and these in no way represent the views of me, UKIP, or the overwhelming numbers of our membership.’

He said the party could only take action if someone lodges a formal complaint.       


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