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Ultimate Guide to the Most Comfortable Bikes On the Market

Riding a bike is an excellent way to boost both physical and mental health. Spending the day cruising through the neighborhood on your favorite two-wheeler improves muscles and heart health, boosts your mood, and helps to keep you feeling young. Of course, long rides require a comfortable bike. Consider the following points as you search cruiser bicycles for sale.

Choose Bikes That Are Easy to Adjust

Bikes with parts that are easy to adjust are essential if you’re purchasing one for a growing child. When handlebars and seats are adjustable, the bike can grow with your child and last several more years than it would if you had to purchase a new one every time he got too much taller. Most bikes have adjustable seats that make it easier to pedal as you grow taller, but you must consider the handlebars as well. Do you or your child prefer to lean forward as your ride, or do you like a more leisurely, upright position? Adjustable handlebars will make it easier to get the position you prefer or to adjust as your child’s arms get longer.

Look For Lightweight Models With Dual Suspension

If you live on bumpy country roads or expect to ride through hilly trails, you’ll want to look for lightweight models with dual suspension. These bikes create smoother rides in bumpy areas, absorbing shock as you pedal so that your knees, back, and tailbone aren’t subject to pain and bruising because of riding too hard. Even if you don’t need dual suspension, it is important to find lightweight models when searching for comfort bikes for seniors. Lighter models are easier to handle and pedal, making the ride more enjoyable for those who need something that is more recreational than professional.

Pick Bikes Made for the Type of Riding You’ll Do

Consider the type of riding you intend to do when you have your bike. Dutch style bikes are trendy, cute, and great for riders of all ages, shapes, and sizes. However, they aren’t good for all types of terrain. Their wide seats and tires are excellent for balance and leisurely rides along beach boardwalks or in suburban neighborhoods, but they aren’t made to withstand speed or to navigate the bumpy off-road trails that mountain bikes were made for. Consider your goals before choosing something just because you like the style.

Try Before You Buy When Possible

If you can, try the type of bike you want before you buy one. Even if you intend to purchase online, consider visiting a local store to try out a few models and see which fit works best for you. This helps to ensure you get something that works well for you and that you don’t need to navigate through returns processes before you can get on your wheels and out into the sunshine on your new bike.

Don’t forget your accessories when you purchase a bike. At minimum, you’ll need to purchase a helmet and bike reflectors that help you to be seen in the dark or on cloudy days. If you aren’t an experienced rider, you may also want elbow and knee pads, and if you intend to ride long hours, don’t forget a water bottle that can attach to the bike. A bike specialty store will have everything you need to ride in safety and style.


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