UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Victoria Pendleton, 38, answers our health quiz

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Former British Olympic cyclist and jockey Victoria Pendleton, 38, answers our health quiz

Health kick: The 38-year-old is a committed  vegan and enjoys a very nutritious diet

Can you run up the stairs?

Yes. I walk my dogs every day while wearing a weighted vest, then school and jump two horses after that. I go to the gym to do weights every other day and, in between, I do cardio (at the moment, mountain biking).

Get your five-a-day?

More than five. I am vegan and I’ve always eaten a lot of fruit and veg. I love sprouting broccoli. My grandad used to grow it in his vegetable patch.

Pop any pills?

I take vitamins and minerals on a ‘need to’ basis — iron if I’ve been out and about and not had much chance to make home-cooked meals and, if I’m feeling a bit run down, I might take a multivitamin.

Ever dieted?

I’VE always been very disciplined about food and have never got too out of shape. I am weight-training to rebuild the muscle I lost on Everest [she attempted to climb the mountain last year] so, at the moment, I am 9st 1lb (57kg), a good weight for me. I am 5ft 4in. When competing as a cyclist, at my heaviest I was 9st 8lb (61kg).

Any vices?

Ready salted crisps. Give me a selection of bar snacks such as pretzels, salted peanuts and crisps and I am lost!

Ever have plastic surgery?

When I was younger, I thought I might one day have a boob job. But, as I have got older, it seems like a crazy thought. Last September, I had a filler called Perfectha injected into my upper lip and another called Ellansé in my mid-face area, to boost volume. If it makes you feel good, then why not?

Most serious illness or accident?

A head injury after a bike accident in a velodrome in 2002 — I came off at speed, hit my head and winded myself. Last year, I had to quit the Everest challenge because I had very low levels of oxygen in my blood [known as hypoxia]. It wasn’t smart for me to carry on.

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Any family ailments?

My dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Fortunately, he is still cycling, which is his passion.

Tried alternative remedies?

I’ve had chiropractic treatments throughout my athletic career. I’ve needed more recently because, as a horse rider, you knock your body about a bit more aggressively than you do as a cyclist.

Ever been depressed?

Yes. After Everest, I had severe depression. But that was partly to do with the hypoxia, I was told. It took me four months working really hard with counsellors and psychiatrists to get over it.

Like to live forever?

I wish I could stay young for ever.

Victoria had Perfectha and Ellansé treatments at River Aesthetics — riveraesthetics.com


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