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Understanding Immunotype

You have been told since birth how you are one of a kind. You are even unique on a molecular level. The cliche term that we are all as unique as snowflakes may sound corny, but it is true.

Inside of everyone is a detailed code that was used to form the person you see every day. Scientists have started to learn how to read some of this code and are discovering ways to use it to improve your life.


Deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as DNA, is the detailed code that is in every cell in your body. Is made up of four different nitrogen bases. Those nitrogen bases are adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. The combination of these is organized into determining every trait your body has.

Your DNA determines features everyone can see such as race, eye color, and bone structure. It also had control over all the organs and systems that exist in your body as well.

DNA testing is becoming more popular. In the past DNA was mostly used to help solve crimes. As scientists learn more about DNA it can now be used by doctors as a tool to better serve their patients.

Getting a DNA test is easy. You can buy an at-home test or go to a professional and have one performed. DNA tests require no bloodwork.

The test is performed with a cotton swab that will be used to collect a sample of cells from the inside of your cheek. Some tests also require you to fill a vial with saliva to send to the lab for testing.

Test Results

When you receive your DNA results a professional can help you decipher them. They can be used to determine the best way for you to stay healthy.

The system in the body that keeps you healthy is your immune system. By studying your DNA a professional can determine your exact immunotype.

Your immunotype can be used to determine how you will react to certain diseases. By knowing your immunotype your doctor can suggest the best nutrition plan to keep your immune system in peak condition.

Everyone has unique needs to maintain good immune system health. Thanks to DNA testing it is now easier than ever to determine exactly what that looks like.

Your doctor will be able to design a custom plan to get you started on the road to perfect health.

They will be able to determine if you are predisposed to any chronic diseases and come up with an offensive plan to make sure you never suffer from any chronic diseases.

Ways to Improve Immune Health

Having a custom plan to maintain your health is essential. There are things that work to increase the effectiveness of everyones’ immune system.

Taking an immunotype supplement is the perfect place to start. You want to make sure to choose one that includes a mix of minerals, vitamins, and herbs. Your doctor can tell you the exact blend that will help you the most.

Everyone needs to have a regular exercise routine. This will also be affected by your personal immunotype and your doctor can help you decide what is the best routine for you.

Mental Health is key to overall health. Make sure to allow time daily for self-care. When you are burned out spiritually and mentally your immune system is weakened. Take the necessary time to focus on your personal needs and keep yourself well.

In closing, using DNA testing to determine what immunotype you have offers the opportunity for your doctor to have a better understanding of your individual needs. One test can make a world of difference when it comes to the status of your health for the rest of your life.