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Unusual Cakes To Try This Summer

Summer is the season we all wait for; the season of delicious fruits, beaches, and beautiful evenings! With long days, this is the perfect time to go on dates, go on vacations, and most of all, try new things.

Yes, summer gives us the ultimate living-in-the-moment vibes, and it is up to us to take full advantage of the season. This time, we are here to suggest trying unusual desserts that have a specific summery feel to them.

Thanks to the online delivery services and bakeries, you can order midnight cake delivery in Delhi anytime you are craving something sweet, but why settle for the same flavors every time when there are a plethora of unique options available.

Wanna know a little more about these amazing dainty delicacies? Then keep on reading, and we will introduce you to the best tasting unusual cakes that you must put on your summer tasting list; follow us!

Margarita Cake

Cocktails are the ultimate summer brunch drinks, especially margaritas! The deliciously fruity drink tastes like spring and summer combined in a glass, and when this lovely drink is made into a lip-smacking cake, it’s like tasting a slice from heaven!

Margarita cakes are relatively new; hence they are not very popular, but that is why you must try them before it becomes the talk of the town. The base of the cake is often made in vanilla flavor that obviously tastes delicious with tequila in it.

S’mores Cupcakes

The only cupcakes on our list, S’mores, are not that unusual, but they are so luscious that we could not keep them off the list. The moist, chocolaty center and the fluffy marshmallow top, along with the super crunchy base, make S’mores the all-in-one dessert.

You can have it any time you want, and it will surely make your day better.

Boston Cream Pie

The chocolate-covered pie looks like an average cake, but do not judge the cake by its looks. The moment you put a forkful in your mouth, you will experience the sweetest pie ever! The perfect mixture of vanilla extract, custard, and melted chocolate garnishing provides us with a pie we can have all day long; trust us, this cake is worth the sugar rush!

Root Beer Float Cake

Before you get ahead of yourself and get excited about getting a beer cake, let us clarify, root beer is non-alcoholic! In fact, some would argue that it is actually pretty good for health.

For this cake, root beer is added to both batter and the frosting of the cake to get that tangy yet delicious taste.

You can either order this cake at certain places, which can be a bit hard to find or if you happen to know where you can get root beer from, the cake is actually quite easy to bake; if you don’t believe us, google it!

Squash Pound Cake

There is nothing new about pound cakes in general, but squash pound cakes are a different story! Made with normal pound cake ingredients with the added twist of summer squash, this is the perfect summer dessert, and you must try it at least once.

Lime Ice Cream Cake

Icecreams are loved by all, and ice cream cakes have become very popular recently. But the flavors you get in such cakes are pretty limited, like chocolate, vanilla, butter-scotch, strawberry, etc., that is why lime ice cream is something worth trying!

This awesome citrus flavor will feel like a summery afternoon on a plate, and we are all here for it. You can go ahead and garnish it with some lemon-flavored frosting, but to be honest, we like the unfrosted cake more.

Zucchini Cake

This may sound a bit odd, but zucchini bread is actually really very delicious, and the cake made with this healthy vegetable is not only good for your health but for your taste buds as well.

With that being said, if you haven’t had zucchini cake till now, you are missing out on something super amazing!

The spicy base of the cake delivers a unique contrasting taste with the lip-smacking caramel cream! There are plenty of high-end bakeries where you can find this awesome dessert; all you have to do is go out and look!