Unvaccinated Australians could be forced to pay for their hospital stays

Anti-vaxxers in NSW who refuse Covid jabs could be forced to pay for their own medical bills if they end up in hospital with the virus

A radical new proposal to make unvaccinated patients pay for Covid-19-related hospital admissions is being considered by the New South Wales government and Premier Dominic Perrottet.

The proposal was revealed by 2GB morning show host Ray Hadley, who described the idea as a ‘rather radical move put forward by cabinet ministers’.

NSW recorded 3,763 new cases on Wednesday, its highest ever daily spike in infections.

‘I don’t know where Perrottet sits with it at the moment but he certainly has forwarded the issue to [health minister] Brad Hazzard,’ Hadley told listeners on Wednesday.

Ray Hadley has revealed the NSW government is considering making unvaccinated people pay for their own medical bills

‘It’s a way of encouraging people to get vaccinated but I still think the best way to do it, given the case numbers, is to go back to where we were of reducing people inside of certain venues and treating the unvaccinated as they should be.’

‘We are in desperate times and desperate measures are called for.’ 

The proposal comes amid news that 93.4 per cent of NSW residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but the majority of cases in ICU are unvaccinated. 

 His comments come after former NSW Premier Bob Carr called for anti-vaxxers to be be stripped of Medicare reimbursements if they 

Mr Carr sparked last month heated debate when he said Australia should follow Singapore and stop paying coronavirus medical bills for people unvaccinated by choice.  

He recently doubled down on his claims, saying anti-vaxxers are ‘simpletons who believe rubbish on the web’.

The first is ‘the overstressed frontline workers in our health system. They shouldn’t have to look after simpletons who believe rubbish on the web, and ignore medical advice,’ he told the Sydney Morning Herald.  

The second reason, Mr Carr said, is because of the  ‘Australians with manageable conditions like diabetes or asthma who may face a life-or-death crisis from contracting Covid. They have rights too’.

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