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Urgent warning as Kmart recalls girls’ leggings over fears babies could choke on the buttons 

Urgent warning for parents as Kmart pulls baby girls’ leggings from the shelves over fears children could choke to DEATH on the buttons

  • Kmart baby product recall: ‘Girls 2Pk Organic Roll Waist Leggings’
  • Decorative buttons sewn at the ankles may come off when pulled
  • Buttons are a choking hazard for babies, who put things in their mouths
  • Customers are urged to immediately return the leggings for a full Kmart refund 

Kmart Australia has recalled a line of leggings for baby girls over fears the decorative buttons are a choking hazard.

The affected item is called ‘Girls 2Pk Organic Roll Waist Leggings’.

The pack contains two pairs of leggings which have two buttons sewn at each ankle. 

The buttons may come off when pulled, and could cause a baby to choke if they put them in their mouths.  

Kmart has recalled the ‘Girls 2Pk Organic Roll Waist Leggings’ (pictured) as the buttons are a choke hazard for small children who may pull them off and choke on them

‘If the buttons detach, they are a potential choking and suffocation hazard if ingested by young children,’ the recall notice said on Sunday.

The ACCC has published a Choke Check tool for parents of babies under three to help identify choking hazards at its website.

Many ordinary household items such as buttons, coins, keys and hair ties pose a choking hazard to babies who naturally explore the world by putting objects in their mouths, the Choke Check fact sheet says.

Babies put things into their mouths to explore their world and are vulnerable to choke hazards (stock)

Babies put things into their mouths to explore their world and are vulnerable to choke hazards (stock)

Customers have been urged to immediately stop using the leggings and return them to any of Kmart’s 209 stores across Australia for a full refund. 

The keycodes affected are 69884351, 69884368, 69884375, 69884382, 69884399, 69884405 and 69884412. 

For more information, people can call Kmart on on 1800 124 125 from Monday to Friday, between 7am and 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.


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