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Urgent warning to pet owners as a dog’s feet severely burned from walking on hot pavement 

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Urgent warning to pet owners as a dog’s feet become severely burned from walking on hot pavement

  • Dog’s paws severely burnt from walking on hot road – urgent warning issued 
  • Temperatures top 40C in Brisbane, Queensland, on Saturday
  • Don’t let your dog walk on hot sand, concrete or asphalt 
  • If you can’t put the back of your hand on the ground for 5 seconds, it’s too hot 

Pet owners have been urgently warned not to let their dogs walk on hot pavement in the summer heat after a picture of severely burned paws was posted to Facebook.

Temperatures topped 40C on Saturday in some parts of Brisbane, with Amberley near Ipswich in Brisbane registering 41.4 on the mercury by 1.30pm.

The distressing photo was posted to Queensland’s Moreton Lost Animal Register Facebook page on Saturday morning, showing the red, bloodied and burnt paws.

Pet owners have been warned not to let their pets walk on hot summer pavement as it can burn their paws on a very hot day

An open bottle of disinfectant is nearby showing the unknown pet owner has clearly tried to treat the animal’s injury once it was discovered.  

‘It is supposed to be 39 deg today,’ wrote Nini Cambell who posted the warning.

‘As you can see still quite hot on Pooches feet … so if you cant do it without shoes then dont put them through it either, same as on ute trays and sand.’ 

Footpath concrete in the full sun can heat up to temperatures far exceeding the ambient surrounding temperature of the day. 

Ms Cambell wrote that her son, Josh, had taken the temperature of the footpath and that it had reached 32.9C by 7.30am.

 ‘3 weeks of bandaging, pain relief, and antibiotics before new skin forms then more weeks before pad actually returns. Poor darling,’ wrote Jac Barcy on the post.




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