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UROVO Launches New Portable Barcode Printer With Adaptive High-Speed Printing

“Portable barcode printer provides a range of ergonomic and application flexibility to help businesses adapt to a variety of scenarios under the pandemic.”

UROVO released a state-of-the-art portable barcode printer, the UROVO K329, as part of a new approach to accelerating businesses’ digital transition to cope with the expanded print needs in the context of the post-COVID 19 eras.

UROVO K329 for Multiple Business Scenarios

In various business settings, labels created by hand may be inaccurate or unreadable. If an item is mislabeled, the work accuracy might get damaged. Designed for full portability, the UROVO K329 has everything it needs to operate that can perfectly address these issues.

Logistics: Within the logistics industry, the slightest error can heavily impact the delivery schedules. When operating under a time-sensitive schedule, it is essential to use a smart printer to ensure the supply chain run effectively, and goods reach customers on time and with ease, and the UROVO K329 proves that it’s the right tool for the job.

In a busy logistics environment, UROVO K329 with adaptive high-speed printing for high-speed, high-volume applications can improve efficiency within your supply chain. Also, a printer that is easy to set up can effortlessly be relocated – intuitive portable K329 delivers the convenience and accuracy necessary to increase worker productivity and reduce costs associated with downtime.

Retail: The retail sector is increasingly concerned with operational control, technology expenses, and workflow efficiency. To fulfill all your needs in a retail outlet, UROVO K329 not only with fast printing speed but also with high resolution printing to make check-out and store management easy.

UROVO K329 has two supported features: heat-sensitive adhesive printing and heat-sensitive notes printing, which address the hurdle of replacing ink or consumables other than the special paper it requires.

Direct Store Delivery: Direct store delivery (DSD) is relatively newer in the field to enhance the productivity of retail stores. UROVO K329 in this field can benefit enterprises from generating on-demand printed invoices and receipts, and employees onsite can immediately sign and receive shipments and records.

To support the fulfillment of DSD, UROVO K329 supports portability. It is enhanced with long battery life for all-day performance to ensure performance in the field while communicating with various devices on the go.

Public Service: UROVO K329 in public utilities empowers the public enforcement and paperwork. From police officers to public works professionals, UROVO K329 provides dependable mobile printing solutions that handle the wide variety of citations, tickets, notices, reports, permits, and even paper labels that public services require.

UROVO K329: A Portable Barcode Printer in New Era

Among plenty of label printers on the market, why would you choose the UROVO K329? You might ask. Well, it’s all about the features. Let’s have a look at what the UROVO K329 portable label maker has to offer:

Adaptive High-Speed Printing: If you are having a busy time at retail, the high-speed printing capacity of the K329 can be your best friend. It can print 120mm per second.

Despite being wireless, its battery life is impressive. It automatically slows down printing speed when running low on battery to save energy which is an excellent feature.

Multiple Terminals Compatible: UROVO K329 is compact with multiple terminal options, which help decide the format of the equipment, the operating system, and other configuration options you may need.

NFC Bump-to-Pair: Designed for full connectivity, UROVO K329 comes with NFC bump-to-pair function that can wireless connect with devices through NFC bumping paring. UROVO K329 also supports optional Wi-Fi features to meet everything it needs to operate.

Various Templates to Choose From: UROVO Label Editing App now allows users to choose or even customize different templates on their own.


UROVO never fails to surprise. Their long list of portable barcode printers and tools speaks for itself. Besides this impressive K329 handheld barcode printer, they also make payment terminals, mobile computers, and even healthcare devices.

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