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Use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) in the Real World  

You might have experienced a minor (or major) inconvenience at times where you would not be able to access a certain website. This happens when you try to access a website that is not available in your area due to certain restrictions. Some people who are not aware of the fact that the restrictions have nothing to do with their Internet connection, end up blaming the service provider. Well, let it be known to you that you can improve work efficiency if you have no restriction with the internet.

Today’s blog will teach you more about VPN and its use in the real world.

What is a VPN?

If you wish to know the science behind the VPN, then here is a simple explanation for you. A VPN connects your tablet, smartphone or PC to another computer (usually called a server). You get this connection somewhere over the Internet and the VPN allows you to browse the websites using the server’s Internet connection. So, here’s the trick. If the server is in another country, you connected to the server will give the impression that you reside in the same country as well. Hence, giving you access to all the content from that country. This is the use of a VPN.

However, you will be surprised to learn that this was not the original purpose behind the introduction of the VPN. It was originally introduced to allow business networks to connect with each other securely over the Internet. Or to allow individuals to access a business network from home. However, it is now used to access websites as well.

How does VPN can be of Help to Me?

Following are all the ways in which a VPN can prove to be beneficial for you:

  • Allows you to bypass the geographic restrictions on websites. This helps you to stream audio and videos easily.
  • Protects you from snooping on untrustworthy Wi-Fi connections.
  • Allows you to gain some anonymity over the Internet by hiding your true identity.
  • Protects you while torrenting.
  • Allows you to watch streaming media including Hulu and Netflix.

The above features allow you to protect yourself against any harm that can occur over the Internet. This includes your identity protection.

Although we have established that a VPN helps you protect your identity and in many cases allows for safe browsing, a question remains. Many people believe that the VPN is not safe either. Well, let’s address this fear as well.

Is VPN Safe?

It is ALWAYS safe to use VPN. ALWAYS. Can’t stress more on the word ‘always.’ However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before choosing a VPN connection. There is no doubt that VPN adds extra security to your overall browsing experience. However, the use of VPN has banned from some countries. And if you happen to reside in one of those countries, you should try to access a VPN application.

The second thing that you should be careful about is that you will get access to an ample amount of free VPN service both on Apple and Android. But you should always opt for trusted connections. Some of the names that you can trust include:

  • StrongVPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Tunnelbear

Avoid using less trusted connections. As they can pose a threat to you.

That being said, there are many more interesting uses of a VPN as well. You will really be surprised to learn some of them.

What Else can I use a VPN for?

It is so easy to use a VPN for cost-saving purposes as well. You can get some of the best bargains when booking online if you make use of a VPN. Travelling is one of the most relaxing and joyful experiences. And with access to facilities like the Internet, you can make online bookings for tickets and hotels easily as well. You can also get access to some of the best offers based on your IP address. Some websites will show you different deals and packages for tickets and hotel room bookings based on your IP. Thanks to the VPN. You can change the address of your IP and get access to the cheapest available offers.

Even if you are sitting across the ocean for a trip to Italy, you can fool the system into thinking that you are booking from Rome. Decisive but fun. Isn’t it.

You can even use your VPN when you want to bypass the threat of using free public Wi-Fi. You should always avoid using public Wi-Fi. Carry your own Internet device or contact the feel my worth or the like to inquire about the places where they are offering their hotspots. You will have to contact your Internet service provider. These hotspots are relatively safe to use. So, the next time you want to go to a café or a mall to work, ask your service provider.