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Using Tens Machine For Labour

Are you looking ahead for safe and comfortable labour?. TENS machine is an easy and effective medium for drug-free pain relief in labour. If you are thinking to get started with TENS or have already hired one, here’s a quick overview on how to use TENS for labour:

How to use TENS machine in labour?

Tens machine is quite easy to use. Basically you just need to attach the electrode pads to your back. Then use the controls on the Tens machine to make the power up and down, also when you’re having contraction, you can use the boost button. Before you enter into labour, make sure you’re quite confident for the Tens machine, and you’re quite familiar with it controls.

Note: Make sure your back is completely dried before you apply the electrode pads.

How does the labour TENS machine work?

The electrode pads that we attach to our skin transmits the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) signals to the brain and neck via the nerves and spinal cord.

The machine generates relief sensations and eliminates contractions by:

  • Preventing the pain signals reaching the brain.
  • Electrical pulses stimulate the release of endorphins which distracts you from contractions and makes you feel less anxious about labour.

Is it effective?

The TENS machine is most likely to be effective in the early stages of pregnancy. Though you might need to use other forms of pain relief if the pain is consistent and goes beyond control, if you feel relieved and are already using one, you can continue with it.

You may have to take off the electrode pads while your baby’s heart is monitored. This is because the pads might affect the electrical signals of the monitoring machine.

Benefits of using a TENS Machine:

  • Easy to use
  • Drug-free treatment
  • No harmful effects on the baby and mother
  • A non-invasive treatment to relieve pain
  • Trusted and used by many women during their pregnancy
  • Does not restrict any movement in labour
  • Set and manage the intensity of pulses during contractions

Things to keep in mind while using a TENS Machine:

  • Doctors recommend using it at the earliest in labour. Use it possibly when there is less focus on pain and contractions
  • You cannot wear a TENS machine while bathing or in the shower. You need to replace or remove the electrode pads each time you get into with water
  • Some women do not feel the sensation. If possible, better try out the machine before you purchase it or before the labour
  • TENS machine gives more effective results when it is used as a combination with other powerful pain relief machines like EMS.


It is totally up to you when you prefer using the TENS machine. But you should keep in mind that it has a cumulative effect. Before you go into labour, you should have thorough knowledge about the TENS machine. You can use it in your 37th week of pregnancy to get relief from back and pelvic pain.