Vaping: A Guide for the Lazy

Vaping is the word that electronic cigarette fans call the process of “smoking” these devices. There are a lot of good vape guides today. Lots and lots. My head just swells from so much information, so no matter how much you read; you will not get close to understanding how it works. Therefore, I decided to write this very short, and, I hope, understandable even to an ordinary person, far from technology, manual. I would not call myself an expert on electronic cigarettes, but, nevertheless, I use it, and I know how to use it. The learning curve seemed very steep to me, so I decided to write this guide.

The information presented here does not claim to be 100% reliable, correct and new but if you are just starting to get aware of the world of electronic cigarettes, then you are probably stunned by the amount of information that has hit you. Sometimes it seems that without a higher engineering education these things are simply impossible to understand.

Many e-cigarette users have a certain opinion about which e-cigarette is the best. If at the same time you pay attention to what they recommend different models, then one truth becomes clear: preferences are a subjective thing. The ideal electronic cigarette for different people will be different. However, most of the users prefer to Buy CCell Vape Cartridges to ensure optimal price and performance.

Electronic cigarettes are relatively simple, and your smoking experience will depend on only three things:

  • The battery is the cigarette itself.
  • The atomizer is a heating element.
  • A fluid is a nicotine solution that evaporates on a heating element.

There are a million different combinations and transformations of this basic model. We will not go into details so as not to confuse you once again.

An electronic cigarette is a battery with a button, and a heating element is a base – they can be more complicated, but the base is just that.

When electronic cigarettes get broken, they are thrown out. Batteries wear out, new ones are bought, new models are also developed and updated, and hit the market and then new ones replace them, and so on. They are constantly getting better. They are not designed for very long work, and all of their components will have to be replaced eventually. Keep this in mind when making a purchase – find out how long your model will last. Surely, you will be able to find several sets that you like and afford.

Five Key Characteristics Of An Electronic Cigarette

The switch is automatic or manual. The automatic switch is activated when the smoker puffs. Manual involves pressing a button on the side of the battery before tightening. Whereas, automatic switches break faster, especially often due to fluid leakage and most modern batteries operate with manual switches.


Tankers are enlarged atomizers with transparent cartridges without filler into which liquid is poured. It holds from two to 4 ml of liquid (for most vapers this is enough for the whole day). They appeared not so long ago, but they already managed to bring the technology to mind.


Usually between 3.2 – 6 volts. The higher the voltage, the hotter, usually steam, and the more often the liquid burns. Many fluids are best smoked at 5 Volts, for others, it is too much. Most starter kits with electronic cigarettes for beginners work with a voltage in the region of 3.2 – 4.3 Volts. Your best bet is to buy just such a cigarette. High voltage usually implies a higher price and additional difficulties in use.

Battery Capacity

Measured in mAh (milliampere-hours). The higher the mAh indicator, the longer it will work without recharging. Small electronic cigarettes operate on a 150-200 mAh battery, large ones up to 2800-3000 mAh (on mods). Most have two 650 mAh batteries for a day. Me too, but not on any day – it also happens that I smoke / steam without stopping, then I need three.

Thread Type

510, 801, 808, 901, or branded (not compatible with anything). Thread with which the battery and atomizer are connected. If the thread does not fit, then you can always use an adapter (or usually – using a proprietary thread it can be quite difficult to find). For example, a small and inexpensive adapter (2-3 dollars) will help you use the 808 atomizers on the original 510 battery. Thread 510 and 808/901 is currently the most popular – it is with this thread that most atomizers/cartomizers are produced. As for me, there is no big difference from what kind of thread. Whereas, 808 and 901 models have similar threads. Before buying components for an electronic cigarette, ask your seller if they will fit together if in doubt.


Most starter kits come with a charger that can run on USB or on a regular power outlet. There are special “direct adapters”, or the similarity of batteries (often there is a battery inside), only with a cable that can be connected to a USB port (for example, on a laptop), and smoke without fear that the battery might run out. Many mods, and even some commercial mods, run on standard batteries – that is, those that can be bought at an electronics store. Small electronic cigarettes can be charged in a special cigarette with recharging – it looks like a pack of regular cigarettes, and charges your batteries on the go (plus a usually spare battery is placed there, and a couple of small cartridges). Beginners are often recommended a model with the smallest battery. In size, it is like a cigar (650 mAh).

Which Is Best For You?

Just buy what you like best, and for the price fits. It is best to take a cigarette that can work with different atomizers (and not just with branded ones – they are usually expensive), in this case, you provide yourself with great freedom of choice. Most users of electronic cigarettes have long forgotten about their first model.

The combination of an atomizer/cartomizer/liquid is responsible for what the steam will be, so it is best to make it possible to try as many different combinations as possible. If you did not like your first electronic cigarette, it is best if you can try other atomizers with at least an adapter. On systems with proprietary threads, this is most likely to fail, or it will be difficult.

Types Of Heating Elements


Most kits with electronic cigarettes work specifically on atomizers and cartridges. The atomizer is the simplest kind of heating element. In order for a liquid to get onto such a heating element, it is necessary to constantly supply it from an external source – most often from a cartridge that is wound onto an atomizer and equipped with its own mouthpiece. You refill the cartridge, inside which there is a special filler, similar to cotton wool, screw it into place, and it gradually delivers fluid to the heating element.

The first puff on a new atomizer does not usually taste very good – the factory grease evaporates, which protects the coil from the effects of external elements. It is not dangerous and soon passes. You can blow out a new atomizer to get rid of at least part of this liquid.


A heating element that combines a cartridge and an atomizer (hence the name). Usually cost about $ 8-10 for five. Initially, it was thought to be disposable, but today everyone who is not lazy refills them – until the filler is dirty (or burns – this also happens if you use a cigarette carelessly). Recommended for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

New and more advanced cartomizer models are constantly on sale. One of the latest innovations is called clearomizers, it is a transparent tube, inside which there is a wick – it is filled with liquid. It looks cool.

Liquid For Electronic Cigarettes.

This is the most enjoyable part of my experience with electronic cigarettes. Different liquids with different flavors are just a shaft. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of electronic cigarette stores.

The liquid for electronic cigarettes consists of propylene glycol (PG) and / or vegetable glycerin (VG) + flavors + dissolved nicotine (from 0 to 36 mg – you can find more, but smoking is not recommended, it is easy to get poisoning).

VG = lots of steam, little throat blow, sweetish.

PG = less steam, excellent fragrance, more blow to the throat, more dry throat.

Approximately 0.1% may be allergic to PG.

Want To Experiment?

It would be necessary to be prepared for the fact that 90% of aromas will remain more or less indifferent.


We will probably end here. Now you know everything in order to become a vaper. It should be noted that electronic cigarettes evolve very quickly, so be prepared for the fact that in a year your model will have to change. It is worth it anyway. Half a year ago, clearomizers, a new generation of cartomizers have just appeared, and today they can already be used – the technology has been brought forth and new models appear just in half a year.