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Vehicle validation process in New South Wales / revscheckreport-revscheck NSW

A revs check NSW is essentially an authentication process in New South Wales and other parts of Australia when you want to buy a second-hand motor vehicle. It is an acronym for Registration of Encumbered Vehicles and is also called Vehicle Security Registers. It is a validation process to find out the ownership, condition, and encumbrances of a vehicle.

Why is revs check NSW necessary before buying a vehicle?

Revs check NSW is the safest option for validating the vehicle that you are buying. These are some of the reasons why the process is so important:

  • It will give you the sale history of the vehicle. This includes the marked price, first owner’s name, subsequent owner’s name, the location of purchase, and so on.
  • From the report you can find out the technical specifications of the vehicle like engine power, the mileage it can give, colors available, the year of manufacture, etc.
  • The check report will have details of damage to the vehicle due to collisions or natural calamities.
  • Maintenance and service history of the vehicle.

How is a routine revs check carried out?

The process of revs check NSW online requires you to input either the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) also called the registration number, the chassis number, or the manufacturer’s serial for that vehicle if available.

  • The free registration check will give you only the following details:
  • The expiry date of registration
  • If the registration has been suspended or canceled
  • Any restrictions or concessions on the registration
  • If there are any mandatory Third Party insurance policy expiry date.

But to purchase a second-hand vehicle you will more data than that. It is always advisable to use the expert services of professional dealers who have experience in conducting revs check NSW.

How is a detailed Revs Check carried out for buying a vehicle?

Revs check NSW is carried out by using either the chassis number, VIN number or a serial number to do a rev check of a vehicle.

  • You can use the chassis number to do the revs check NSW if the car was manufactured before 1989. The chassis number is usually the last six digits of the VIN number.
  • VIN number can be used to get the revs report for vehicles manufactured after 1989.

Motor vehicles depreciate after a time because of wear and tear. So if a car you wish to purchase is being offered at a price higher than its original price, it is obvious that the seller is trying to dupe the buyers. Secondly, the report will give you an indication of who the current owners are. If this information does not match with the seller’s identity, it is most probably a stolen vehicle which is being sold.

In conclusion, revs check NSW is one of the simplest, reliable, and affordable ways to check the details of a vehicle before you decide to purchase it. It will save you a lot of monetary loss and distress if it were to be repossessed.


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